Hibernator v2.33.4 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

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Hibernator helps you save battery and improve mobile device performance by automatically shutting down unnecessary apps.

Smartphones with multitasking and large capacity actually have their downsides. We have become dependent on the power of our devices and their ample memory, and we are free to use many features/apps at once, even ones we don’t really need. This usage makes the device’s battery drain quickly during use, which inadvertently shortens the device’s service life.
The principles of saving battery life are well known, but maintaining a good habit is sometimes not easy. To do this better, you’ll need a handy assistant like Hibernator.

Hibernator performance enhancing mechanism can effectively:

  • Speed up the cell phone
  • Free memory
  • Save battery
  • To cool cell phone

What is a Hibernator?

The main purpose of a Hibernator is to put unused apps on a mobile device to sleep. In other words, Hibernate helps to stop all running applications to save battery and significantly improve device performance. The app can also automatically turn off other apps on the device every time the screen is turned off.
The app plays a big role in helping you save battery and capacity, speed up your device system, run more efficiently, and more.


Specifically, in order to perform these operations, the Hibernator when installed on your device to perform the following tasks:

  •  Close all applications

Hibernator will help you close all running apps, turn off background tasks, automatically close apps when the screen closes, support user apps and system apps, disable widgets, and disable apps and shortcuts. Everything has the same purpose: to make sure all running apps and processes are turned off, and to help the device save maximum battery power for some other important work.

  • To speed up your phone

By checking and closing all apps and tasks, including hidden ones, it helps the device run faster without having to carry too many features at once.

Phone speeds have also improved as space has been freed up. The added memory gives you more space on your device and allows you to focus on the priority tasks you’re performing.

Turning off all long-hidden apps will help you clean your device and save battery and extend battery life. The Hibernator can also be seen as an “invisible CPU cooler”. By automatically turning off the above activities, Hibernator will help reduce the weight of the device, which will help reduce the heat of the phone and reduce CPU usage.

Hibernator can also automatically close the app every time the screen closes. Make sure that no matter how much you forget, the device is still in its most minimalist, cleanest condition.

In what cases?

The Hibernator will be useful for users with eye issues, fatigue, or difficulty looking at a screen continuously. In these cases, repeating many complex tasks on a daily basis can be very frustrating. Hibernator will help you schedule automation to reduce these difficult operations.

The app automates one of the most repetitive tasks: “automatically turn off all functions.” Hibernator runs automatically every time you turn on your phone’s screen: immediately close all apps or close some apps as required by your previous installation. This can help users with physical disabilities well.

When using an application, the Hibernator needs to observe the actions on the interface in order to perform them automatically later, so some of your actions may be monitored. Important passwords or highly personal information should be considered.



To have the app automatically turn off all apps and tasks features on your phone, you’ll need to enable the auto feature of Hibernator while also turning on some of the following permissions. They include:
1. Access permissions to the contents of the active window in order to find the forced close button in the system Settings and then simulate the button touch action.
2. Allow drawing on other applications to display the screen when you close the application.
3. Modify the permissions set by the system so that the screen can be turned off after the application closure operation is completed on the device.


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