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Explore ways to make full use of smart lighting.

Imagine the endless possibilities of your smart home. Set up scenes and quick effects according to your mood.

Now, you can do the same on your phone with the help of Hue Essentials. This app will help you sync your lights based on different factors like music, screen, and time of day.

What can Hue Essentials do?

When you want to synchronize the lights used around you, you may have to use a tone sync box. But there’s no need for that complexity now, as we’ve done it easier, more intuitively, and faster on the mobile devices we use with the responsive support screen of Hue Essentials.

There are many situations where you need to synchronize the light sources in a space: setting up a movie night at home, having an all-night party with friends,… When you have these you need to use an app to control all the lights at the same time.

With Hue Essentials, you can do this directly on your mobile screen. Specifically, Hue Essentials helps users sync their smart lights’ lights to music based on the colors on the screen, and sync the lights over time.
Hue Essentials not only helps to make the entertainment process more visually complete, but also helps to raise the user’s mood by controlling smart lighting, making it an essential part of modern entertainment.

Supported devices

• IKEA TRADFRI gateway
• deCONZ (ConBee)
• diyHue
• Philips Hue bridge
• Philips Hue Bluetooth lights


Synchronize smart lights according to various standards

When all the lights around you are in sync, you can create a harmonious overall scene that immerses everything in a kind of purposeful lewd lighting. Hue Essentials helps you create a “story” with smart lighting.
By selecting the available standards, you will instantly adjust all the lights to the desired color and brightness to represent a certain theme.

Themes can follow the tones in the artwork available in the app library. Just touch and select the picture and you will have magical lighting that recreates the color atmosphere of the picture in your room.

The control interface is stable, fast to open and use, accurate and effective immediately

The advantage of Hue Essentials is simplicity. Hue Essentials is designed for mobile use with a minimalist interface that allows all users to access it in the easiest way possible. Simply launch the application, group the lights you want to sync together, set the controls you need to quickly turn them on and off, and select the sync element.

With the built-in widget integration in Hue Essentials, you can also sync your lights without opening the app. Like a magic wand, with just a few touches, you can turn on all the lights in the available space at any time to your liking.


Control smart lamp accessories

In addition to syncing and grouping smart lights, Hue Essentials also helps connect lights and lighting accessories, making setup and daily activities more convenient.

These Settings will also be saved on the bridge and can be shared by family members without having to reinstall each lighting accessory, helping to control the lighting system in the home more comfortably.

You get some basic features when you use Hue Essentials for free, but you’ll need to use a paid plan if you want deep sync, variety, and control over all the lighting accessories in your home.

Quick Access

Create rooms and groups to organize your lighting. You can even divide a lamp into groups. Place temperature sensor widgets to easily control lighting and set color and brightness without opening the app.
Add a shortcut to your home screen to quickly open your room. Control your lighting through optional notifications in the Notifications panel.
Lighting is controlled through a smartwatch. Turn on the light directly from the dial. Create complex features and shortcuts for quick access.

Scenes and Effects

Create the perfect ambiance from your photos or the accompanying photo gallery. Experience special animations such as fireplace, fireworks, lava, lightning.
Get up at sunrise and go to sleep with low lights at sunset.
Party to the beat of the music. Sync your lights to create a disco night with stroboscopic effects.

Download Hue Essentials MOD & APK for Android

Hue Essentials is a particularly fun app, especially for young people who are looking for an active lifestyle. Lighting is not everything, but if you can control the light, control the color of the lights around you, then you will always be comfortable.



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