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HUJI Cam makes your moments as precious as the feeling of analog film, full of old memories.
HUJI Cam is dedicated to capturing precious moments into vivid, vibrant photographs.
Camera makers of every era have always tried to capture the best moments, and our memories have become clearer because of it.
Huji Cam is a retro phone camera lens app. The app is trusted by many for its simplicity and ability to create high-quality retro images. Take a picture through the lens of the Huji Cam and you’ll immediately see the difference from what a regular phone camera takes.


What is Huji Cam?

The app will make the images you take directly from your device’s lens even more special and look better. The image doesn’t need to go through any other editing tools because it already has a full set of colors, styles, and filters. There are many different camera lens apps out there, but each has its own style.
Huji Cam does not have any affiliation with Fujifilm or any other classic camera brand. This is the only camera lens app available for Android phones.
Camera makers of all ages strive to enable users to capture the best moments. Huji Cam has made many attempts to capture beautiful moments of many people with vibrant, vivid photos.
HUJI Cam makes your moments as precious as emotions in movies, filled with old memories. Simply download the app, open it and take photos directly from the app, and you’ll have memorable photos in no time.

Photographed in the 1990s with Huji Cam

Although the Huji Cam is a 1998 Fujifilm camera film color photography simulation. But when you take photos directly on the Huji Cam, you get extremely high resolution photos. The images taken on the Huji Cam are good quality, clear, real – life colors, very characteristic old color painting. Make sure that once you’ve taken a photo and saved it to your device, you’re free to edit it again without having to worry about image corruption or pixel blur.
The Huji Cam just looks like a film color photography simulator. However, it is mainly used to capture film images directly. Instead of using your phone’s camera, you open the app and take a picture using the in-app camera. The photo that passes through Huji Cam’s hands will be a high-quality film photo, filled with the color of time. You can continue editing from here or save it to your phone.
After taking a photo, tap the app’s Lab to immediately view the captured image.

Save photos and share them with friends

Photos taken with the Huji Cam will be saved to the app’s gallery. You can view and select any image, then click to save to your device or quickly share it with friends on popular social networks. You can also use the share function to share directly with friends and family.

Additional features of the Huji Cam

In addition to the main function of making vintage-style camera lenses, the Huji Cam has quite a few additional features that actively support the process of creating beautiful, timeless images. Specifically, these additional features include:

  • Flash photography: Flash photography seems to be out of date because it can easily expose “dead spots” in the subject. However, with the simulator feature of the Huji Cam, many unique and different effects can be created by flash shooting. The flash shooting mode in the Huji Cam helps you to take many beautiful photos in low light conditions, especially at night or dusk. This is a feature that you have to experience before you know it, but it is very different from what you expect.
  • Selfies: For those who take selfies or photos with friends.
  • Change photo Filters: To make it easier to edit your photos after they’re taken, you can edit and change the overall color of the entire image using the set of filters provided in Huji Cam. These filters come in many different styles, tones, and color modes for you to choose from to suit your style.

What if the Huji Cam doesn’t work properly?

If an unsatisfying situation occurs while using the application, you can do one of the following to get back to normal:
💗Step 1: Open the “Settings” application and click on “Applications”, then click on “HUJI”.
💗Step 2: Turn off camera access in the Permissions menu.
💗Step 3: Open the HUJI App again and click the “Solve the Problem” button at the bottom of the camera permission message.

Download Huji Cam MOD & APK for Android

Huji Cam isn’t just a photo editing app, it’s also a camera lens app whose main function is to help you create bold retro images like they were taken from a 90s film camera. This is a premium app that you should download and use to create color photos.


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