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Hulu has unlimited access to popular movies and TV shows!
Hulu has a large selection of hit, classic movies and high-ranked TV shows. New movies and TV shows are added every week, so there’s always something new to discover. Hulu’s subscribers don’t have to worry about being interrupted by annoying ads or Geo-restricted access to certain movies. Download Hulu and watch tons of blockbuster movies and TV shows!
Discover new TV shows, series, movies, and more through Hulu. From award-winning shows and movies to your favorite sporting events, it takes just a second to download and watch shows.
Live stream shows including Hulu Originals while keeping up with your favorite sports of the season.
In addition, Hulu is now home to new TV shows from FX Networks, with more than 40 critically acclaimed series and FX original programming.
Regional restrictions, blackouts and additional terms apply.


Do you like to watch classic movies?

When it comes to watching movies and TV shows, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video come out on top, with a long history and wide reach. But these apps also have the limitation that the movie store is mostly made up of newly produced movies/shows. This is because the aforementioned applications must always be updated with new content, so they must “clean up” the old content to make room. In addition, their target customers from the beginning were young people who liked trends and modern content. If you want to enjoy older movies like Forrest Gump, you may not be able to find them on the aforementioned platforms.

Hulu plans to offer the following:

• A TV designed just for you – watch shows based on personalized recommendations
• Keep track of your favorites – save a movie, series, or new TV show and pick up where you left off
• Separate profiles – Create up to six profiles so people can stream shows the way they want
• Watch shows and browse episodes anytime on your TV, smartphone or tablet on your favorite device
• Premium Web – Discover and watch shows and movies on SHOWTIME®, CINEMAX®, and STARZ® for an additional monthly subscription

Hulu is an application for watching TV and online video on mobile devices. All the basic and popular forms of entertainment video are in this app.

At this point, Hulu seemed to be the savior for moviegoers of classic movies. With Hulu, you can enjoy millions of types of entertainment content available, including movies, new TV shows, copyrighted movies, series, and online sports.


Supports 4K, HDR, and DTS resolutions
No advertising
Supporting all countries

Outstanding personalization

Hulu’s plan also lets you create up to six profiles to personalize the experience for each family member (Netflix only has a maximum of four profiles/accounts). You can personalize your profile and get personalized recommendations tailored to the age and interests of your original list. These recommendations are  based on the movie viewing history of each profile.

Hulu will offer you a private library to which you can add shows and movies for later viewing. You can also create kids profiles so that the app automatically filters out movies and shows that are not suitable for young children.

Intuitive interface

Hulu has a smooth, intuitive interface that makes for a better movie experience. You can select and play other episodes and seasons of the current series without going back to the previous screen. The playback interface also supports fast fading, turning up and down the volume, and returning to the movie trailer screen.
On Hulu, you can preview the trailer, general information/plot, number of episodes/seasons, release time, director, and main cast. This means you can consult before watching these videos or downloading these videos to your device.


Hulu supports multiple resolutions. You can choose from 720p, 1080p, 2K, or even 4K resolutions to enjoy movies in crisp detail. Usually, quality is selected based on screen resolution and network speed for the smoothest experience.

What are the Hulu plans and fees?

Hulu offers three plans, including standard Hulu, Hulu Ad-free, and Hulu + Live TV.

Standard Hulu costs $5.99 a month. You can watch exclusive shows, popular movies, copyrighted movies, children’s shows, and more. The plan allows you to try it out for 30 days before deciding whether to renew.

Hulu Ad-Free is similar to standard Hulu but offers an ad-free experience. You won’t be interrupted by advertisements while watching movies. However, some copyrighted shows are not included in Hulu Ad-free. The plan costs $11.99 per month.

Finally, there’s Hulu + Live TV, the premier plan that offers all of Hulu’s content, as well as more than 65 live TV channels. You can also access the developer’s streaming library. However, the plan costs $64.99 per month and only supports a seven-day trial.



Is Hulu regularly updated with new content?

You can always find new content and clips on Hulu every time you enter the app. While Hulu specializes in classic movies or hit shows from the past, it has also updated many modern shows and movies. Every day, new TV shows, streaming movies, series, and millions of different copyrighted content alternate on the app home page.

Download Hulu Premium APK & MOD for Android

In addition to classic movies and hit shows, Hulu is also a very good modern movie app, with new content updated every hour of the day.


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