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IgeBlock is always at the top of the best no ads version of YouTube app on Android devices. It’s time for you to download IgeBlock app to your phone to avoid the hassle of ads.Use IgeBlock to block annoying ads and watch videos on a floating window!

Automatically skip video ads and play the video as a floating pop-up window.

Why You should install IgeBlock!

1. Block ads

– Automatically skip annoying video ads.
– Automatically skip ads even in pop-up player and audio mode.

2. Pop-up Player (PIP)
– You can play videos in floating mode without additional permission.
3. Add possibilities
– Full screen touch lock function
– Video repetition
– Add bookmarks without logging in
– App shutdown timer
– Create shortcuts to your favorite videos on your desktop

4. Accounts and Security

– If you’re logged in with a Tube account, you can use the same playlist on IgeBlock.
– IgeBlock does not collect or store any Tube account information.


Do you want to watch YouTube with no ads?

You get annoyed when you are constantly interrupted by advertisements between web visits. Sometimes, even accidentally clicking on an unexpected pop-up template without warning creates the risk of accessing an insecure link. You often come across ads when using your favorite mobile apps. Every time you visit a website, your computer feels slow, probably because there are too many advertisements. When encountering the above, perhaps the best approach is to install an ad-blocking app on your device right away.

There are already some great ad-blocking apps for mobile devices. If you’re looking for an app that does the main thing well, but also has a lot of ancillary functions to support access and use, IgeBlock is the place to be.

What’s so special about IgeBlock?

Remaining true to its primary function of blocking and closing all forms of unwanted advertising between websites, apps, or movies being watched, IgeBlock also offers some useful features, such as offering floating Windows to seamlessly watch movies while performing other tasks while on the move. In addition, there are other features to lock, adjust, and dim the screen while live streaming.

These functions may seem unrelated in nature, but in practice, you will find these small requirements extremely necessary. Obviously, very few ad-blocking apps integrate them into an app like IgeBlock.



Support to watch videos through floating window PIP

In addition to the main feature of blocking ads, IgeBlock has a number of powerful additional features. Most of these features support the process of watching movies and using IgeBlock more easily.

If you often watch movies on your phone and feel rather passive and inconvenient when opening them, you want to perform other tasks while watching movies, such as viewing messages, composing emails, and opening website references. If you have another phone next to you, it’s easy. But what if it doesn’t? Open IgeBlock’s PIP floating player immediately and enjoy the benefits of simultaneously playing videos and performing other tasks on the same device.

Blocking ads almost entirely

IgeBlock is first able to block ads to a fairly thorough level. The app is programmed to automatically and intelligently skip ads. It includes ads on your website when you’re browsing, midsection ads, and interstitial ads when you’re using other applications.

Thanks to rigorous programming from the start and always being up-to-date, IgeBlock hardly misses ads in any format. As a result, the app can block ads impressively. You can see the effect immediately after installation.

Other Functions

In addition to the main feature of blocking ads and the secondary feature of floating Windows while watching movies, IgeBlock offers a series of other small features to enhance the convenience of using IgeBlock.

You can use IgeBlock to touch lock the entire screen through the lock feature. Then, if you want to lock your screen and dim it for a live stream while playing a game or teaching how to do something on your mobile device, use IgeBlock’s sound mode.

In addition, IgeBlock users can set timers, alarms, or create shortcuts to shorten videos.

All of the above features have a common purpose: to make the use of IgeBlock more convenient, flexible, and secure.

Download IgeBlock MOD & APK for Android

IgeBlock is an effective AD blocker for Android mobile devices. With this app, you can not only turn off various ads, but also support watching videos in a floating window as well as many other sub-features. Focused but still with many appealing features, which are offered alongside IgeBlock’s excellent features.


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