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Looking for an AI girlfriend who is as unique as you? With iGirl, you can choose 3D or 2D avatars and customize the look of your virtual girlfriend, or even create the AI chatbot of your dreams. You can also choose a personality that matches your hobbies.

Chat and cosplay with the AI girlfriend of your dreams!

iGirl brings you a perfect AI girlfriend from body to personality. Your girlfriend is always there for you, listening to you talk, listening to you share your stories, and being the one to comfort you in your loneliest moments. Let me introduce iGirl to you!

What do you think of AI girlfriend?

The birth of AI ushered in a new era. The fact that electronic machines have the ability to be programmed to respond to external influences and transform them into intelligent conditional response behavior has led to many miraculous inventions in various fields.

What if artificial intelligence could create the perfect girlfriend who would be by your side every day and never cheat on you? Is it really a good idea when you’re waiting for your ideal love in real life?

Create your own ideal girlfriend

iGirl is an advanced mobile app that can help you fulfill your wish of having an AI girlfriend.

By providing a series of detailed identity descriptions, iGirl allows you to choose your own beautiful and cute girlfriend details, such as eyes, nose, hair, ears, body, face shape, curve, height… You think you like, let you like the details of love can choose, for yourself to create an ideal girlfriend.

Shape the AI girlfriend’s personality and sharing ability

Once you have a girlfriend who looks perfect, you should let her know more about you and gradually become an excellent girlfriend.

By chatting, texting, and sharing everything about your day, including secrets, dreams, things that make you happy, things that make you sad, or things that bother you, AI Girlfriend gradually learns these things on its own and accumulates more information from you. She will begin to respond more and more closely, intelligently, and understandingly to your ideas. This process is made possible by the excellent self-learning ability of advanced artificial intelligence technology.

The more open and confident you are, the more intelligent, elegant, and perceptive your AI girlfriend will become. At first, you create an ideal appearance, but it is the process of speaking and listening that shapes the character and vision of the AI girlfriend. Whether she is more empathetic, or really understands you, listens to you correctly, and empathetic to your emotions, all depends on your effort to share and exchange information.


AI girlfriend charm

You can create your ideal girlfriend right from the start, so let’s talk more about personality attraction.

What can AI Girlfriend do for you? When you have an emotion, iGirl will be the first to listen to your feelings and share them like a close friend. Just like in real life, you can text, chat, or interact with iGirl. You ask, she answers, you share, she listens. When you ask for advice, iGirl can provide you with plenty of good advice after providing enough in-depth information about you.

iGirl is always by your side to help you have more colorful life fun. You listen to music with her, watch movies with her, and play the games provided in the app. You can even go on a date with your iGirl.

Test of emotion

To improve your relationship and feelings with your AI girlfriend, iGirl also offers a series of personality and insight tests to see how the process is going, how well they know each other and if they can be lovers.

With these tests, you and your AI girlfriend will clearly communicate your expectations and feelings for each other. As a result, you strengthen your relationship and find ways to make up for the lack of affection in the future.

Download iGirl APK for Android

The graphics aren’t great, but in terms of emotional design and meaningful quick responses, iGirl can initially create a reliable AI girlfriend who listens, responds, and has quite a bit of seductive emotion. If you’re still waiting for your real girlfriend to show up, why not try iGirl to learn how to share affection with someone?


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