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Inspire creativity and turn magical ideas into existing images!

Creating Art with the help of Imagine: AI Art Generator can unleash your creativity, make the most incredible ideas come true, and make every wishful thinking meaningful.

Turn your words and images into AI art! All you need to do is enter a prompt, pick an art style and let Imagine AI Art generator create beautiful images,  paintings, drawings, and digital artwork for you within seconds!

✨Key Features

► Turn words into art

► AI Photo generator

► Fine-Tune Your Masterpiece with Creative Controls!

► Variate Mode

► Predefined prompts and inspirations

► Turn photos into art

► Choose from 100+ art styles

► Generative Fill

► Inpaint feature

► AI Face Avatar

► Outpaint

► Batch Upscale

► Share your Creations

► Transform Your Space with Custom AI-generated Art

► Generate Wallpapers


Transforming words that describe imagination into unique visual art

Imagine: AI Art Generator helps you unleash all your hidden creativity and ignite all your imaginations and associations. This is an app that translates imagination into inspiring works of art with beautiful lines, colors, and shapes that have a high aesthetic value.

Simply enter a small piece of text to describe the person, image, scene, expression, or activity you have in mind with a simple operation.  Imagine: AI Art Generator instantly provides you with images that are always better than expected based on the description and style you have previously chosen. It all takes 2-3 steps and can be done in seconds. In this short period of time, you have turned a strange, lofty, and even somewhat whimsical idea in your head into a visual reality.

Imagine: AI Art Generator can help people create countless images from the boundless imagination. Imagine: AI Art Generator’s built-in AI has done deep learning on data from millions of images from the web, artwork, and real-world images. Based on these deep learning results, combined with your verbal descriptions, Imagine: AI Art Generator can instantly create unique art drawings.

Appreciate creative masterpieces

Each image needs to be adjusted from time to time, including artwork generated by AI based on your imaginative descriptions. Once you have an image created by Imagine: AI Art Generator, you can continue editing, adding, and blending that image using the various image editing tools available in Imagine: AI Art Generator.

You can mix a lot of different art styles to create a very unique and inimitable creative picture that encompasses a lot of different styles.

A variety of aesthetic styles are waiting for you to discover

There are a variety of art styles for you to choose and use your imagination. It can be vibrant pop art colors, legendary pixel art, anime style themes or bold realist blocks.

By navigating through the various art styles offered in the app, you’ll get an idea of what form or personality you need your images to appear in. Perhaps with the same idea, try different styles and compare the results between options. You’ll be surprised, because each picture feels completely different.

Advanced AI image editing tools

In addition to the ability to create images from text descriptions, Imagine: AI Art Generator has a range of advanced AI image editing tools commonly found in some AI image mobile applications: Add color correction, facial retouching, attach different objects to a photo, improve blurry, poor quality photos, edit unsatisfied images, change the background as you like…

All these functions are done in seconds with 1-2 simple operations. Anyone can explore the visual horizon at their own pace using Imagine: AI Art Generator.


Some models are server-side features and therefore cannot run, and the application may not run on some devices.

Download Imagine : AI Art Generator MOD & APK for Android

Imagine: AI Art Generator is a unique AI art creation tool that goes beyond many other AI-integrated image applications. From now on, you no longer need a paintbrush, pencil, plotter, computer or electronic tablet. Everything and every function is done in Imagine: AI Art Generator. The only limitation to using Imagine: AI Art Generator is your creative vision.


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