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Infinite Painter is a painting, sketching, and design app built for artists and painting lovers. Have you ever tried to see if you have a particular passion for painting and composing music?

If painting is your thing, try the Infinite Painter app.

Infinite Painter is one of the best drawing, sketching, and design apps for phones, tablets, and Chromebooks. The award-winning app is currently used by millions of people. The main reason is that it offers rich and powerful features for all artists.

Infinite Painter highlights feature summary

Not overwhelmed by modern painting applications, Infinite Painter enthusiastically supports users in simple to complex painting operations, while still bringing a lot of creative space. Infinite Painter acts as a behind-the-scenes assistant, giving you all the tools to get the most out of your painting on your own, without having to blend in with any other style.

Infinite Painter stands out for the following set of unique features:

Have the best pencil in the app
Simple and intuitive interface
A Powerful toolkit
Share time-lapse videos so you can capture hours of fun painting time with your friends
Converts brush strokes to editable shapes
Brush tool for image reproduction

In Infinite Painter, there are hundreds of different brushes for you to realistically interact with your canvas. These 100 + customizable brush Settings are also designed specifically for stylus devices, with full and tilt support, real-time color adjustments and real-time effects can be applied.

You can quickly sample colors while blending color layers. You can even enter and customize brush parameters, rearrange brush groups according to your own preferences or share your favorite brush groups with friends.

Paint freely and the space is carefree but still kept neat

Infinite Painter gives you more canvas, but less clutter, and a clean, customizable interface.

This subtle simplicity is reflected in the developers separating the finger functionality from the stylus. From there, they can expand and collapse layers simply by swiping the screen.

You can also install the Dock Brush for quick editing, access straws, flip canvases with gestures, and quickly group layers.

Free combination, less operation

In order to maximize the image control, Infinite Painter always aims to minimize the control operation, helping users to do what they want to do with the least operation, the shortest time and the most convenient way.

This feature includes the following control functions:

Pin the tools and actions to the main interface
Drag the -color wheel across the canvas with two fingers
Please add more reference pictures
Light and fast loading
Use the project history feature to go back in time
A wide range of tools
One of Infinite Painter’s great strengths is having a diverse set of tools, enough to suit everyone’s classical and modern painting needs and style. The tools in Infinite Painter include:


Use radial or kaleidoscopic patterns to achieve simple or complex symmetry

Draw accurately using guides or shapes
Smart shape detection by pausing while drawing
Creative Incubation Tutorial
With Infinite Painter, you can also do things that were difficult to do before, such as designing 3D cityscapes using 5 perspective guides, perspective rectangles and circles, or creating art games using isometric perspective…

Pixel-based finishing and editing function

This novel tool will help you complete your projects seamlessly. You can convert multiple layers at once using the Select and Mask tools, Gradient, and pattern Fill tools, with the highest customization capabilities available today.

In it, you can use the Fill tool to locate individual layers or all layers, and use the Fill tool or the magic wand to drag to adjust the tolerance directly.

In addition, you can make your paintings come to life with time-lapse photography, display canvas previews by flipping and grayscale, do artistic clones and photos. The app is also a useful prototyping tool for would-be artists.

With the ability to support up to 64-bit dark colors and more than 30 layer modes, users can create countless backgrounds and extremely diverse color combinations. Not to mention Infinite Painter also integrates 40 vivid filters and the ability to customize filters using gradients, color curves, and filter layers, which is really handy.

Not only that, users can resize and change backgrounds at will using pattern and array tools, without the need to manually drag and drop as in other design applications. It even allows you to stack multiple items on multiple floors for layer-by-floor customization.

In addition to the ability to change focus, background points, the app also provides you with the ability to set the CMYK color mode to create a draft before printing. This is also a very commendable plus point.

In addition, Infinite Painter has features that support reference, including: importing images from photos, cameras, clipboards, and search tools, exporting images as JPG, PNG, WEBP, ZIP, PSD files, multi-layers, or artist projects. Artwork can also be shared quickly with Infinite Painter’s growing community. You can also check out the work of people in the Infinite Painter community, learn from it and get inspired.

Download Infinite Painter MOD & APK for Android

If you want to paint or create visual art, come to Infinite Painter and you are sure to have everything you need in the most complete, convenient and fast way.


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