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InShare is the most reliable sharing app in India.

InShare is a secure file sharing app. We will protect your privacy and file security when you share files. You can share Android and iOS iphones anywhere.

InShare – Share all applications and file transfer perfectly for all your transfer needs. Just select videos, photos, music, apps and ebooks, pdf files, or any content, and it will be shared to your friends steadily at lightning speed even without a network.

Download InShare now – Share all apps and file transfers for unlimited joy!

⚡️ Send the file at flash speed

– Faster than Bluetooth

– Up to 40Mb/s, share video (1G) in less than 30 seconds

-Reconnect if the transmission is interrupted

📂 Sharing supports all types of files

– Photos, videos, music, APKs, or any other files

– Supports unlimited file transfer

– Send multiple files or folders at once


💥 Share files offline

– Share all games, videos and transfer files anytime, anywhere

-No mobile data, no Internet connection required

🔥 Key Features

+ Supports all Android devices

+ Smart copy: Transfer data from old phone to new phone

+ Send files or receive up to 40Mb/s with one click

+ User-friendly design with open, install, view options

+ Powerful file manager with file sort/search function

+ Share music, share video, share apps, and all types of files

+ No Internet connection required

+ Supports more than 30 languages

+ Cross-platform file transfer: Share to Android, iOS, Mac, Jio Phone, Windows…

Are you having problems transferring files between devices?

In the era of rapid development of information technology, information sharing has always been a basic need, but it is extremely important in today’s Internet, especially for those who regularly use social networks.

But the reasons people use it come from very simple problems, like having a fun song they want to send to their boyfriend immediately, sharing a video filled with memories with their family, or wanting to send an important work document as soon as possible. Maybe… This is just one of the many benefits that sharing features can bring to users.

However, on social networks, the Internet speed is extremely slow and unstable, and the interface is confusing, making us feel tortured by inconvenience every time we use it.

Knowing the aforementioned inconvenience, professional mobile developer Inshot Inc, known for its premium music and video editing products, created Inshare to solve all these problems most perfectly.

Summary and Functions

The first and most important feature is that speed allows for extremely fast and easy sharing, as the basic function of receiving and transmitting between local devices has now grown so fast that users can take advantage of it infinitely depending on their intended use.

It’s terrible that users don’t have to wait around with slow video like they used to when speeds reached 40Mb/s. For content or video files with a capacity of up to 1 gigabit, it takes less than 30 seconds to complete the download and start transferring. This number can be said to have far surpassed Bluetooth, to achieve a new breakthrough.

Moreover, the sharing of heavier files such as high-definition and Blu-ray movies, as well as the multi-file processing that used to be a nightmare for many, has been stabilized by independent transmission lines from developers.

In fact, with such impressive speed, combined with simple operation and easy-to-use interface, with just one or two buttons, any image, file, document or video… Can be sent to anyone. Customers can even generate and scan QR codes at higher speeds.

Offline file transfer

Also, one feature many users want is support even when their Internet connection is lost, which is better than other competitors as there is no longer the anxiety of suddenly disconnecting from the Internet connection, making users feel secure while using Inshare.

While there is absolute flexibility in transferring information between users, that doesn’t mean it’s not secure, as the use of private encryption makes what we share more secure than ever and with commendable validation from reputable security review sites.

Multi-platform, multi-language support

Moreover, Inshare is not tied to any limited devices, as developers already support multiple platforms such as IOS, Mac, Android, Windows, etc., and even allow the same account to be cross-connected across different devices, much to the delight of mobile users because of the ease of integration like features on modern computer operating systems.

In addition to supporting up to 30 languages, search engine functions, sending and receiving historical statistical queries, total traffic support optimization of customer management functions, are well done, the data is simple to understand and easy to operate, unlike social networks where you have to click on each item and then search by day, month or year.

☀️ Download Inshare MOD & APK for Android

To sum up, Inshare is a near-perfect application that allows sharing to support all file types, with unlimited speed and cross-platform support as well as high security issues that please anyone who has experienced it.



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