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InternetGuard is an application that allows or denies access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile data. The goal is to save battery power, free up space and better control the device.
Create your own firewall for better control of mobile devices!
Every time your mobile device connects to the Internet, it is at risk. There are unwanted intrusions, tracking software, information stealing viruses and more on the Internet.
It is an unrooted firewall that provides a simple way to save data.
You can individually allow or deny applications and domains access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile data.

Blocking access to the Internet can help:

* Reduce your data usage
* Save your battery
* Increase your privacy
* Control your mobile app
* Easily allow/block applications to connect
* Blocks background app activity
* Alert when a new application accesses the Internet
* Block adult websites

What is InternetGuard?

InternetGuard is an application that allows or denies access to your Wi-Fi and/or mobile data. From then on, better manage the security of devices and data.
Blocking Internet access on mobile devices can help you reap many significant benefits that go beyond information security concerns, ensuring privacy for your users. It also helps limit the use of large amounts of data at once, so machines run faster and lighter. Also, by limiting this space, you’ll help your device save your phone’s battery life and limit overuse or not knowing how many background apps you have open. Thus improving the performance of mobile phones.
With InternetGuard, you receive important alerts every time you access a certain Internet and warn websites that contain sensitive content. You will always know where you are, what networks you are accessing, whether it is secure, and always have control over the number of websites you visit.

Block networks and applications with multiple options

InternetGuard, whose primary function is to block Web access, is a simple app that is easy to use in terms of operation and interface. Although compact, the effect is quite large, especially for those who have a lot of frequent access to the Internet habit.
InternetGuard starts by creating a firewall to protect your device itself. Of course, to meet each requirement, the firewall will have multiple customization capabilities, such as allowing access when the screen is on, blocking the network when roaming is on and off, and turning on and off startup applications running in the background. , toggle block mode on each app. This deep customization gives you full control over what you want to use and access on your device.
InternetGuard is also constantly updated and automatically recognizes new apps installed on a device and new websites appearing on the Internet. You don’t have to worry about your application falling behind the evolution of the Internet and application environment.

Is InternetGuard safe to use?

This is a question many people often ask. InternetGuard ensures that your security and privacy are not compromised during use. App developers also promise not to track or save user data in any way.
When needed, you can choose to log all incoming and outgoing traffic, filter Web traffic, export PCAP files to analyze traffic, and make more accurate options decisions when using the application.
InternetGuard currently supports Android 5.1 and above, is compatible with IPv4/IPv6 TCP/UDP, and can be used on multiple devices simultaneously. You can also choose light and dark themes and 3 other color themes to make the app more aesthetically pleasing and easier to view.

InternetGuard’s firewall creation mechanism

InternetGuard can create effective firewalls using VPN packets on the device you’re using. When every packet sent or received by your application passes through the VPN, all incoming and outgoing data traffic is attributed to InternetGuard.
Note when using InternetGuard: This application is based on a VPN interface, which is the only way to implement a firewall on a non-root device.  Therefore, you must have a VPN service available on your computer and that service needs to be activated when using InternetGuard.
InternetGuard is now equipped with a data usage feature that allows users to check each app’s data usage. As a result, you can be more proactive in allowing or blocking Internet access for specific applications.

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Creating firewalls, controlling Internet access activity, and accessing devices to minimize virus infections and access to illegal information, InternetGuard is the reliable app that should be installed on your phone.


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