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Find out why more than 84 million people use JibJab to make fun videos, GIFs, e-cards, and greetings!

Gifs are one of the most amazing things ever created, and we can think of them as a combination of photos and videos. Therefore, we can think of this as the most perfect medium for expressing emotions. Currently, the number of GIFs worldwide is almost impossible to count. A big chunk of that comes from the JibJab app, which is perfect for creating unique GIFs.

About JibJab

🎈 Special occasion? We have it all!

Christmas cards, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving and so on!
A New Year, a graduation, an anniversary, an apology, or just to cheer up your loved ones – we’ve got e-cards, GIFs and videos for you!

😂 Join the millions of people creating with JibJab

• The largest collection of funny videos, e-cards and GIFs for personalized use
• Fresh and updated content
• Family fun – Upload photos of the whole family to make fun group videos
• One-click sharing – Post to social media or save to your camera film

📬 How it works:

1) Take selfies – you, your family or even your pets.
2) Stick Your Face in – Choose the perfect e-card, GIF, or video.
3) Get Ha Ha – Share with family and friends in seconds!

What is JibJab?

JibJab is one of the oldest video creation applications in the world.
Arguably, JibJab is one of the most used video creation apps today, with over 5 million downloads in the Google Play Store, which is a very large number for a gif creation app.

Create your own funny GIFs and videos

What excites users the most is creating their own photos, and JibJab does that well. Using the tools available, all you need to do is put a photo of your face into the frame. Use tools to separate objects from photos. Add many special elements and effects to make it special. The finished product will be so fun that you can post it on social media to impress everyone. Create your own unique set of GIFs.

In addition, JibJab enables users to create their own videos in addition to creating funny GIF images. Maybe you’ve seen a lot of interesting videos on social networks, such as transplanting someone’s face into an existing video, and also want to make one for yourself but don’t know how. JibJab will help you do just that. JibJab has a collection of fun videos that with a little editing, you can turn into your own.

Huge photo and video storage

As mentioned above, JibJab has an extremely large collection of photos and videos. Just about every GIF you’ve ever wanted or seen somewhere, this app has it.

When you start JibJab, a bunch of GIF images will appear before your eyes. Now you can choose your favorite photo. You can download them or use them via Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter… Or any social network you want to share them with. Gifs are also divided into a variety of different topics (honestly, any topic), so that users can easily search.

In addition to GIFs, JibJab has a basic photo library and videos. You can find almost everything you see here. The app also allows you to download it completely for free, with just enough space on your phone. Use various tools to change your GIF and make it your own version. It will be a hit!

The content is diverse and constantly updated

JibJab certainly has a strong and smart content-creation team. The videos provided in the app are always updated every hour and contain very interesting ideas. They will soon be able to capture any trends emerging on the social network and will instantly appear in the app’s photo and video store. Sometimes it’s the team that leads the way with their wrinkled brains. Download JibJab now and don’t miss any trends on the social network.

JibJab links to many social networks

With JibJab, users can log in through other social network accounts. This makes it easy to manage your account and save what you do in your personal account. This account link will be very useful every time you change your phone. All previous data will be stored and you’ll no longer have to worry about losing videos or photos.
Not only that, but users can easily share GIFs or videos with friends and relatives. Invite your friends to download JibJab and show each other the fun videos you’ve created.

Download JibJab MOD & APK for Android

JibJab is the most complete and detailed GIF app available for Android phones.
Access a library of millions of the coolest and funniest GIFs. Not only that, but being able to create your own version and share it with everyone is the most fun thing about downloading JibJab. Store videos, photos, and GIFs for use when needed.


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