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YouTube still has copyright issues, and some shows or exclusive online channel users still can’t watch them through YouTube.
As a result, a series of mobile online TV applications have been born. One of the standouts is JioTV, which can be considered the most popular app with over 100 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of testimonials from customers.

Introduction to JioTV

JioTV- Smart app with smart Features:

– Pause and Play: Never miss your favorite TV show. Pause, start the live TV show from where you left off.
– At your convenient prime time: Never miss a show with 7 days to catch up on your favorite channel. JioTV allows you to enjoy the missed golden program set, during the last 7 days of TV broadcast.
– Stay ahead of the TV guide
– Fast content discovery using 7 (past/future) days TV Guide, language & genre filters or channel/program-based search.
– Multilingual user interface in 15 + languages: Explore the best entertainment in English, Hindi, Bengali, Assam, Bhojepuri, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Audiya, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu
– Select Business News, Entertainment, Music, Kids, Spiritual, Infotainment, Lifestyle, Film, News & Sports categories.
– Entertainment in the genre of your choice: comedy, crime, children, automotive, dance, mythology, romance, cooking, reality, documentary, drama, game show, history, mystery, politics, period, talk show, travel and adventure
– Personalized TV viewing experience: Mark channels/shows as favorites or set reminders: Plan your TV viewing by setting reminders for upcoming shows.
– Record your favorite shows and watch them at your convenience.
– Select the quality of the video to be played (high, medium, Low, Auto)
Below is a more detailed description of the application.

What is JioTV?

Coming to JioTV, you will experience all TV channels and all content from over 650 different TV channels around the world. However, more than 100 of them are in HD (Ultra High Definition) format, which you can watch through any media you use with your iPad or tablet.

With the huge amount of content and channels mentioned above, you really won’t miss any of your favorite shows. It’s very convenient and of superior quality compared to other online viewing apps.

Easy to use, intelligent interface

Although users will have many criteria or requirements when choosing an app to watch online, perhaps simplicity and ease of use will always be the first thing that users prioritize and care about when using it.

With JioTV, everything is very relaxed, the control interface is arranged very neatly and intelligently, from the main background to the transition to the sub-pages, all arranged very intuitive and easy, creating a feeling of watching TV at home.

Moreover, the font size, interface, and color are all carefully adjusted by the developers. As a result, viewers can easily find any show or series as they are sorted by their own categories through smart filters.

JioTV’s interface and filters are completely different and well-made. Users will feel this significant improvement right after use, like a convenient mini-cinema at home.

Multi-channel viewing at the same time, the record is kept for 7 days

The ability to watch multiple channels at the same time on JioTV. That’s something traditional TV, Youtube, or other mid-range apps can’t do.

When there are many different favorite shows in a fixed time period, many people are always confused and therefore it is impossible to watch them all, but now with JioTV, there is no need to worry about this problem anymore.

You can use JioTV to bookmark and save your favorite shows in different timelines, up to the next seven days.

Moreover, they are all automated, and the classification is extremely scientific and clear. Users simply search by name, and the app immediately searches and displays it – very convenient.

Huge channel list

In addition, all hundreds of JioTV channels are grouped into more than 10 different categories, such as some typical names such as:

News: CNC, BBC, ABP news, Republic hay Polimer news.
Sports: SONY 6, SONY 10, Eurosport, JioFootball.
Kids: Cartoon Network, Pogo, Discovery Kids.
Music: MTV, ZING, ZOOM, Sony Mix and VH1.
These are just a few small lists the authors mention among the myriad of things the app offers, not to mention that it’s constantly updated. You’ll probably never tire of the hundreds of different channels available to watch on JioTV.


JioTV also allows you to add bookmarks, set times, or reminders. As a result, it helps you always remember your favorite channels in separate list categories, which is very handy.

Download JioTV MOD & APK for Android

With the aforementioned strong advantages, JioTV deserves to be the leading online viewing app today. It is definitely a must-download choice for Internet movie lovers.


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