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Introduction About OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite is your one-stop business application with five feature-rich apps for Documents, Sheets, Slides, Mail, and PDF in just one pack, which will assist you in selecting the right one for your requirements, whether you prefer local or cloud-based apps. Feel free to take advantage of OfficeSuite’s lots of professional applications, and increase your output by using it. Safety, comfort, creativity-sparking, and innovation – OfficeSuite tries hard to enable a smooth experience on all of your devices.

Features of OfficeSuite

* Simple and accessible UI

It provides you with an easy-to-use mobile file browser specifically designed for managing files on your mobile device. Thus, you are welcome to perform fast access to numerous in-app features and to keep all of your office files neatly arranged.

* Multiple cloud services

You can connect your Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive cloud accounts to receive 20GB of free storage with Multiple cloud services. From now on, you will never worry about running out of storage again.

* All in one

Power up your productivity with five powerful apps, packed with hundreds of helpful features: Documents Sheets, Slides, PDFs, Mail. Also, you don’t need to worry about incompatibilities because it supports every Office format.


* Integrated file commander

Furthermore, if you have previously used File Commander’s intriguing mobile file manager app, you can connect to that app while using it.

* Connect with others

Feel free to keep in touch with friends and coworkers on your progress. Now that OfficeSuite Chats are available online, users can take advantage of quick and easy file exchanges with other users.

* Spell checker

Spell checker is available, and it can be used to check text documents for grammar errors including 40+ languages, allowing for fantastic documentation experiences. Select any writing style that catches your attention, and polish your article with this app.

* Split-screen mode

Users will be able to immerse themselves completely in their experiences thanks to this app. With the built-in split-screen mode, you can open multiple in-app documents and work on different files at once.

Usage of OfficeSuite

OfficeSuite is a robust tool that can manage any task with ease with a lot of outstanding features. It is no longer difficult for you to format, create track charts, assemble worksheets, or solve arithmetic problems. You can create a presentation interface that is both elegant and businesslike by adding images to text a variety of new icons to documents, and more! The fact that your phone can now perform tasks that a computer can is so fantastic.

※ Bring your ideas to life

With the words, images, and subjects you provide, you can freely add flair and individuality to this app. It offers a plethora of useful phrases, themes, designs, and charts that can quickly enhance any project. Gain access to a larger library of creative content that is royalty-free, including templates, stock images, icons, and fonts, as well as writing, speaking, and design advice. Anything you want is in OfficeSuite.


※ Process your document precisely

OfficeSuite offers a lot of useful features all in one location, which makes it ideal for completing a lot of work. Sub-applications are highly adept at processing and retaining information. With its lightning-fast speed, the Word-to-PDF converter can even convert lightweight images into text. Furthermore, the Excel sheet includes a thorough analysis table that facilitates examining the data processing and numerical changes over time.

Latest Version Updates of OfficeSuite

In the new version, the main goal to make the application faster and more dependable has been achieved. Its performance has been intended to be more smooth, elegant, and user-friendly now.

Download OfficeSuite Now!

Digital security, 20GB of free cloud storage, and innovative apps across multiple devices – all in one pack in OfficeSuite designed to maximize your potential. Download Full-featured OfficeSuite now to use the best free alternative to Microsoft Office!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: OfficeSuite v14.2.50872
  • Category: Business
  • Developer: MobiSystems
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android
  • MOD: Premium Unlocked, Extra
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