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Panda Gamepad Pro v1.6.0 MOD APK(Many Features)

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Introduction About Panda Gamepad Pro

Are you a game lover? Do you find using a keyboard or mouse to control characters gets boring? You have probably heard of this application if you are an avid video game player. Panda Gamepad Pro – a generic Android app that lets users link their controllers or gamepads to their tablets or smartphones with the top 1 keymap and smart casting. It is one of the greatest keymapper apps for gaming to discover a new control scheme and enhance your gaming experience, which is compatible with nearly all gamepad brands as well as all apps & games.

The Background of Panda Gamepad Pro

The gaming industry is becoming more and more thriving as entertainment demands rise and technology advances. Since then, players’ interest in a wide variety of new games has grown over time, many of which have more difficult and intricate gameplay mechanics. Panda Gamepad Pro is one of the apps that facilitates getting things done as quickly as possible.

Outstanding Features of Panda Gamepad Pro

* Intuitive UI

This app has an intuitive and simple user interface, and thus you won’t ever run into any problems. You won’t need to log in as frequently, and your game will be one of those simple, sequential apps to finish.

* Highly compatible

The best feature of Panda Gamepad Pro is that it allows users to play games on their phones more comfortably by supporting a large variety of gamepads and controllers.

* Button mapping

The button mapping function facilitates the mapping of buttons and triggers on gamepads and controllers to the on-screen controls of any game.

* Clone

With the clone feature, your Android device’s screen interface can show up on both apps at the same time, making playing games on gameplay proceed more easily and conveniently.

* Deep customization

The layout can be customized to help you quickly and efficiently manage the buttons on your gamepads. You can connect and set up your gamepads to phones so that you can play games more effectively.

* Ad-free

This application’s ad-free nature is one of its best features; you won’t ever be bothered with any while immersing yourself in your favorite video games.

* Stay tuned

To enhance the program’s functionality and compatibility with more kinds of gadgets and controllers, Panda Gamepad Pro’s developers periodically release bug fixes and new features.

Usage of Panda Gamepad Pro

One of Panda Gaming Studio’s most well-known mobile applications is Panda Gamepad allowing users can set up and connect their gamepads and controllers to Android smartphones, which is designed for people who want to play video games on their phones more effectively. With this app, you can use gamepads on your phone and improve gameplay by adding map buttons and adjusting the sensitivity of the analog sticks to get a more customized gaming experience.


  • Connect

With Panda Gamepad Pro, you can connect gamepads, such as those from Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and many other companies to your smartphone and use them to improve your gaming experience. You can also connect the newest gamepads to your phone with ease using the Bluetooth and USB supports included in this app.

  • Fine-tune

The application will give you access to the traditional simple keymap system after your phone device and Gamepad have been successfully connected, which is fully functional and has matching icons for control. Make use of the app’s Gamepad Calibration Assist feature to fully customize the gamepad’s performance, functionality, and other settings. As a result, everything can be conveniently and quickly decided upon using your gamepad.

Download Panda Gamepad Pro Now!

Now it’s time to connect Panda Gamepad with high durability & precision, and press buttons to begin to play your games the way you want! Download Panda Gamepad Pro now to instantly level up your play!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Panda Gamepad Pro v1.6.0
  • Category: Tools
  • Developer: Panda Gaming Studio
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Many Features
  • Size: 70.0MB



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