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Piano Melody Pro vSamples Stability MOD APK (PAID/Patched)

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Piano Melody Pro delivers a delightful content experience through a moving piano. You can refer to the list of supported songs and choose the music that suits you. Sound and image quality are improved when adjustments are made in the Settings folder. Plus, having plenty of playable music will help you stand out when entertaining your friends.

Learn to play your favorite Songs by Ear on the piano.

Learn to play your favorite song on the piano by playing the melody

• More than 1,000 songs from different eras and genres to learn.

• Highly configurable piano (multitouch, note labels, glissando, highlighting )

• Resizable piano to fit all devices.

• Impress your friends with your repertoire by learning famous songs.


Sets the size of the keys on the piano. The larger the key, the more accurate it is to get the correct note, and the smaller the key, you can see all 3 octaves on the screen.

About Piano Melody Pro

Full support for all phones and tablets.
Learn quickly and effectively by focusing on specific parts of the song.
Real digital grand piano sounds made by professional sound engineers.
Improve your piano playing quickly by adjusting the speed of the song to suit your level, or challenge yourself to play by ear by unhighlighting notes.
Turn up/down the volume of the song playing, perfect for accompaniment mode.

Become a better musician

Develop your ability to act on occasion.
Learn piano songs quickly and effectively by playing and repeating.
Start with a few notes and build up until you have mastered the song.
Suitable for all ages (children to adults) and all abilities (beginner to advanced).

Professional edition

This Pro edition includes all songs and has no ads.


List of Songs

The song list is diverse and contains all the greatest songs from the best bands and the best genres like rock, classical, latest pop, movie theme, TV theme, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, latest pop, movie theme, TV theme, naughty, Latin music, etc.


Songs capture the main melody/chorus/prelude/verse and contain up to 500 notes.

Make impromptu music

Each piece of music performed by the player on the beautiful Piano provided by Piano Melody Pro becomes a space to enjoy the beautiful sound. Players will be provided with a simple interface and appropriate options. An intact piano appears in one corner of the screen; The player can move the marked area to change using many other buttons. This makes it easier to win over the most critical audience.


Immerse yourself in the class

If the player is not already a skilled pianist, Piano Melody Pro will help you become more professional through training from beginner to advanced. A course that familiarizes you with musical notes. If you can’t remember all the notes, the system helps the player remember them with notes that are easy to view. Play the desired track and highlight the keyboard to easily learn how to play any song. The system will add many new popular songs for the current time period and constantly update the information quickly so that you have the best experience.

Develop your ability to use the piano

Piano Melody Pro offers a high-quality piano that can be controlled by a simple touchpad. To make the process of conquering notes even easier, you can add systematic basic exercises. Also, if you’re already a professional player, freestyle mode will help you enjoy the most healing music. Exploring the piano and improving your mastery will continue to progress throughout the experience.

Many quality Settings have been improved

To make the process of creating beautiful music with Piano Melody Pro even easier, players can upgrade the quality by setting folders. Here, you can customize the screen brightness, sound quality, and the memos displayed on your screen. Also, the process of controlling the tracklist provided in the course is faster. We will continue to judge your ability by the number of stars. Once you get a full score, you can unlock more and more satisfying quality Settings.


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