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Introduction About UVX Player Pro

Looking for software that can handle whatever videos you throw at it? UVX Player Pro is your best choice – The go-to free video player and editor for you. It is a top-notch media player made especially for Android devices. With its sophisticated features and stylish design, UVX Player Pro can definitely provide a seamless and entertaining experience For users who wish to watch their favorite movies and videos on the go.


Features of UVX Player Pro

With its ability to optimize video and audio playback for your preferred device, and support nearly all file formats without the need to download extra codecs, UVX Player Pro is incredibly popular for its nearly infinite extension through downloadable plugins and stream media. All of them allow the player to integrate with other apps and streaming services in addition to offering new features.

* Intuitive UI

With the intuitive UI of this map, you can quickly search and organize videos to avoid the tedious scrolling that seems to take longer than an unskippable advertisement. The video file folder can be accessed directly with its user-friendly folder access feature.

* Network streaming

It offers network streaming capabilities, which allows it to transcend the limitations of conventional media players. It is no longer necessary for users to download files for offline viewing because they can effortlessly stream content from a variety of online sources.

* Highly compatible

UVX Player Pro uses the hardware capabilities of the device to provide smoother playback in order to improve performance. Nearly every format can be played by UVX Player Pro which can handle all kinds of files, including the more popular MP4 and the specialized MKV files with dual audio support, including UHD videos in addition to HD ones!

* Perfect synchronization

Given that users frequently express frustration with the way the audio and subtitles are synced, so UVX Player Pro offers tools for quickly syncing audio and subtitles in order to solve this issue and provide a better watching experience.

* Full control

Complete control over video playback is offered, encompassing features like resizing, applying effects after processing, configuring codecs, and capturing real-time video with output that can be customized.

* Night mode

Binge-watching won’t strain those peepers if the night mode is enabled. You can always get the best viewing experience with an auto-screen orientation that adjusts to the video.

Usage of UVX Player Pro

UVX Player Pro is incredibly fast, plays formats that haven’t been mentioned in years, offers great tools for adjusting audio and video playback, and does all of this without the need for spyware, adverts, or other extraneous components. Even people who don’t have much experience with electronics can easily use this app!

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With a plethora of features like bookmarks, cloud functionality, speed control, quick buttons, mirror mode, audio equalization, rewards, and more, you can play any video and subtitle format! For your entertainment needs, UVX Player Pro is unquestionably something you should take into consideration, regardless of your level of interest in multimedia.

  • Share

Have you seen something funny and want your friend to laugh too? You can instantly share happiness by using the sharing option. Additionally, videos can be deleted if you ever feel the need to declutter. After all, not everything from the past belongs in the present.

Download UVX Player Pro Now!

Video player for Android devices that is completely FREE! Among the competitive media player field, it is a particularly strong player. It is quite good if you want a full-featured video player with high capabilities. Download UVX Player Pro now to start a new life together with it!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: UVX Player Pro v3.2.7
  • Category: Video Players
  • Developer: MNW Software Solutions
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Full Version
  • Size: 23.0MB



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