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Introduction About ViMusic

ViMusic will connect your musical world by combining your favorite music services and enabling you to listen, watch, and share. Given that music is essentially the only medium through which one can truly comprehend another, it constantly provides the audience with the perfect selection of MP3 Songs from their favorite artists across a wide range of genres. Listen to millions of songs, radio stations, and podcasts online, enjoy the fantastic music app on any mobile device you want, and learn about more integrated basic and premium features!

Features of ViMusic

[ Intuitive UI ]

With ViMusic’s straightforward and user-friendly interface, it provides a simple way to manage all of your offline music and audio files.

[ A vast music library ]

ViMusic offers a vast collection of exclusive releases, over 100 million songs, and a ton of music videos along with interviews to help you get to know the artists you listen to. Most importantly, it is absolutely devoid of ads.

[ Free high-quality ]

You can enjoy the finest possible sound quality with this music player, 100 million studio-quality songs with FLAC, or immerse yourself in sound with Sony 360 Reality Audio and Dolby Atmos. Thus, you can get the best listening experience on this app with high-fidelity sound as if you were in a real studio.


[ Full Customization ]

ViMusic with lots of extra features, makes you personalize the playback experiences. You can also enjoy using the integrated audio editing features at the same time while using your Android devices to enjoy the fully functional audio app with the mod version.

[ Widgets and lock screen designs ]

Also, you can try utilizing the lovely lock screen controls, which play music even when your phone is locked, to make the app easier to use.

[ 100% free ]

If ViMusic piques your interest, you can listen to and watch age-restricted free music and videos on YouTube Music without spending any money.

[ Rich content ]

The standard background playback controls, which include loop, shuffle, repeat, and order, should make it much simpler for you to become acquainted with the application.


Usage of ViMusic

With Vi Music, you can have the best possible music experiences – whether you’re at home, in the car, offline, or somewhere else, just listen to your favorite music on any device. It thoroughly searches your computer for all music files, including playlists, songs, albums, artists, and videos.

▶ Play your favorite music

You can play or download songs from YouTube Music without any restrictions. Press the search icon to look for music, and the song you wish to listen to will then play. You can even look up specific songs, musicians, videos, or even whole playlists. Furthermore, the music you listen to gets cached, allowing you to play it later – even when you’re offline.

🔂 Create your own playlists

You can now experiment with different themes that ViMusic offers as different app designs and customizations to make the app more user-friendly and visually appealing. You will also enjoy using a plethora of user-friendly control options that will improve the app’s functionality and accessibility. To personalize your in-app experiences and one-of-a-kind playlists, you can make custom playlists based on themes or any other criteria you choose.


Download ViMusic Now!

ViMusic has made music player simple, fun, and all about you! Download now to listen to podcasts, stream free music online or offline, and do a lot more! Launch ViMusic & hold up your mobile phone or hum the song you want to find right  Now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: ViMusic v0.5.4
  • Category: Music & Audio
  • Developer: vfsfitvnm
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • MOD: Pro Unlocked
  • Size: 26.0MB



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