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Visual Anatomy 2 is an app that can provide users with advantageous human features. If you’re taking academic courses related to the detailed organs of the human body, this would be a great app to help you learn. Through this app, its users will be able to observe and study organs inside the body in detail with great honesty.

★★ Now includes muscle group action movie and 3D model and full description (origin, insertion, nerve, action). Audio pronunciation of all anatomical terms.

★★ Download and install all 1247 Gray anatomical images to your device and figure title search function.

★★ Multi-language support: English, Spanish, French, German.

At a glance:

Visual Anatomy is an interactive reference, multimedia teaching tool. The full version contains 500 + high-resolution images, 100 + HD movies/animations and 850 + feature points that can be interactively selected. Each feature has its own label and a basic description. The application also has a search function that can be used to search the labels of all feature points. In addition, six quizzes with 150 multiple choice questions were included. It can also be used as an anatomical guide.


The primary use of this app is as a learning tool, but it can also be used by any professional. In addition, the app is ideal for doctors, educators, or professionals, allowing them to visually display detailed areas to patients or students that help educate or explain conditions, diseases, and injuries.


★ No Internet connection is required except to download Gray’s anatomical images.

★ Click and zoom

★ Muscle action animation to explain muscle function.

★ Quick navigation – Jump to different systems or organs by selecting thumbnails.

Audio pronunciation of all anatomical terms.

★ Multiple choice test.

Perfect for learning anatomy and physiology

★ High resolution image.

★ HD anatomy anatomy and physiology video.

★ It can be used as an anatomical dictionary by looking up anatomical terms.

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview of 3D organs.
  2. One of the main parts – muscles. It has more than 130 muscles, including a complete description (origin, insertion, nerve, action), covering all the superficial muscles and most of the deep muscles. 3D muscle overview.
  3. One of the main parts – bones. It has all the bones in the skeletal system, including the small bones in the neck, and the ligaments in the knee, shoulder, and ankle joints. 3D Skeleton Overview and 3D Skull Overview.
  4. Respiratory system, lungs,
  5. Digestive system, liver,
  6. Urinary system,
  7. Nervous system, brain, central nervous system,
  8. Reproductive system (male and female),
  9. Senses (fingers, hands, ears, mouth, nasal cavity, nose, tongue, human dentures)
  10. Circulatory system.
  11. Endocrine system
  12. Surface anatomy

Provide anatomical images

For users who have influence and are directly involved in medical work or body research, an app that provides anatomy is essential. In Visual Anatomy 2, users will be able to use a special system that contains many realistic images of human anatomy with complete regions and parts. The app will be beneficial for professional doctors who can thoroughly entertain their patients through the images provided by the parts.

The ability to do detailed research

In addition, the app is able to target users with educational and learning purposes. For teachers and experts, the app will help them deliver lectures in detail through images shown to students. Or, if you’re a student and can do in-depth research, the app will bring many of the best anatomical images.

Animation and sound

In order for users to experience the best features, manufacturers must research and develop them together with leading medical experts. As a result, the app will be able to provide users with animations of when the body moves and how other parts perform the movement.

Improve knowledge through a series of questions

In particular, Visual Anatomy2 wants to bring the best knowledge to the students and therefore also integrates a special set of problems. With this set of questions, users will be able to participate in testing their knowledge by reading the questions and choosing the correct answer. By asking a question, the user can also directly learn about the actual anatomical image related to that question.

Key Features

The application provides users with a highly detailed image system of human anatomy with special features.

The user’s research capability will be very detailed, and the operation of enlarging, shrinking, or switching parts can be carried out extremely quickly.

The application’s anatomical images are suitable for students to learn and research through a unique set of knowledge questions.

The image provided to the user will be an animation of when the person moves and how other parts move accordingly.

The sounds provided in the app have also been described very carefully and in detail by expert research.


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