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Introduction About VlogNow – VN Video

VlogNow – VN Video is a top-notch and expert video editor with a beautiful design that creates amazing videos, suitable for professionals. Featuring flexible editing, stunning clips, and high-quality performance, VlogNow – VN Video allows you to make and edit videos for social media, marketing, brands, families, and many other uses.

Outstanding Features of VlogNow – VN Video

[ Professional like never before ]

VlogNow – VN Video has a lot of helpful and outstanding features, such as a collection of expert video editing tools that let you edit videos and freely add effects of the highest caliber. For example, one of the app’s pro features is the ability to edit music and create designs.

[ Simple to handle ]

You don’t need to invest a lot of time or energy into fully customizing the appearance and feel of your video design because the photo editing tools are very flexible and the UI is straightforward and intuitive. With just a single swipe, you can swiftly rearrange the video document and remove older videos.

[ Vivid color effects ]

You can choose from a unique assortment of effects and filters in VlogNow – VN Video, including different color filters, with this application. Thus, your videos will look more stylish and soulful with filters, which offer hundreds of color options.

[ Detailed editor ]

  • 3D animations – Create stunning 3D animated titles and effects, like snow, lens flares, flying text, and more.
  • Unlimited tracks – You can apply as many layers for audio tracks, background videos, watermarks, and other purposes as you desire.
  • Audio waveforms – You can output your waveforms as a small component of your video and visualize your audio files as waveforms.
  • Animation & keyframes – Feel free to animate, slide, bounce, and fade any element in your video project with its robust animation framework.


[ Share seamlessly ]

With the cloud-based video solutions of VlogNow – VN Video, you and your team can collaborate closely while creating videos from anywhere. Once your video is accomplished, post it to social media and other platforms or easily share it via a link.

Usage of VlogNow – VN Video

VlogNow, a well-liked option and a popular choice due to its capabilities, primarily focuses on popular functions or styles often used in Vlog videos. Along with a plethora of customization options, this app offers users a wealth of ideas for video design, including the ability to create eye-catching and useful presets for work. The potential is practically limitless, with the promise of fully or exceedingly realizing every user’s vision. The only limitation is your imagination!

✧ Enliven your video

With its various unique transition effects, like overlay and blur, VlogNow – VN Video offers your video more personality and vitality. To get the best results and fit the video, you can adjust the effects’ duration and speed, or quickly and simply Make vibrant, high-caliber videos by adding different filters and special effects to them. Furthermore, the program has a speed curve tool that lets you quickly change the video’s speed from fast to slow.


✧ Personalize for advanced editing

Although VlogNow – VN Video’s main goal is to offer tools and services, it also allows you to customize a number of presets and features for optimal results. Each preset can have a variety of elements, including tools, features, and effects, which allow the changes to be seen and can also be combined in an arbitrary way to produce a fresh, appealing outcome that suits the personal style of everyone.

Download VlogNow – VN Video Right Now!

It’s time to create your extraordinary and professional videos with incredible effects from start to finish with VlogNow – VN Video! Download it to create, trim, add transitions & effects & elegant hue, and craft your perfect videos – Get everything you need in one application to tell your own story from VlogNow – VN Video.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: VlogNow – VN Video v2.2.1 b5392
  • Category: Video Players & Editors
  • Developer: Ubiquiti Labs LLC
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Premium Unlocked
  • Size: 201.0MB



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