100 DAYS - Zombie Survival

100 DAYS – Zombie Survival v3.2.0 MOD APK (Survival Mode, Unlimited Diamonds)

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100 DAYS – Zombie Survival is an exciting post-apocalyptic game set in a world destroyed by zombies and the last few humans are trying to survive. In this dangerous world, only the strongest one can make it. Whether you are prone to slice or smash those walking dead, you need to be clever and creative enough to do it. At the same time, you can upgrade the protagonist and his teammates by unlocking new abilities and items to support them.


Game Flow

The Horde is on its way but you’re prepared. Get your team ready and find out the most efficient synergies to upgrade yourself and your team to fight together against tons of zombies. Every trip is different, and lives & deaths rest with your every choice. Are you ready to face coldness, starvation, and endless undead to find safety and survive in 100 days?

※ Your mission

Similar to tower defense, 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival needs you to make sure your defense is strong enough to resist zombie intruders all the time. You, play as Peter who will be the first one to show up and he will keep attacking the enemy for many days. Your job is simple and easy to understand – get stronger to crush scary monsters, and you have to stay alive for 100 days.

※ Defense your base

In a world destroyed by a disaster, there are hordes of zombies and ghoulish grabbers coming for your base. In the game 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival, you will be in a world after an apocalypse where zombies are always trying to find you one of the few people who survive. You have a base with lots of helpers and weapons to fight off the waves of zombies that come every day. You are not alone on this journey, and other survivors will be with you to help defeat powerful enemies when they show up.

※ Upgrade your characters

The deep upgrade system in 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival offers you new power-ups after 100 days. You can also make the main character and his teammates stronger and get new powers and support items at the same time, which is important because it helps you unlock new things like mine or build more levels on your base to recruit new characters.

※ Unlock new helpers

At the same time, lists of support characters who will also help you in different situations are waiting for you to unlock. Just like Peter, they also have to get stronger by reaching a higher level to build a powerful army that zombies can’t easily defeat. Strength is also shown when they help you fight off the enemy in Survival mode.

※ 2 Modes

In 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival, there are two main modes: Normal mode and Survival mode. Both characters use the same system, but they will do things in different ways. After completing the Normal mode, you can play the Survival mode.

  • Survival mode: Just survive for 100 days in the Normal mode to unlock it. You’ll see Peter with a weapon, fighting off the enemies as they come closer. At the same time, you will improve his power to make it stronger.
  • New features in Survival mode: Instead of the characters staying with Peter in the building, they will keep coming with as much money as possible and stop the zombies from getting close. You will be focused on the character calls and there will be many things to help you buy time when you have enough resources to call for more help.

How long can you keep fighting without being among the group of the LIVING DEAD? Download to prove yourself!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 100 DAYS – Zombie Survival v3.2.0
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Preus
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • MOD: Survival Mode, Unlimited Diamonds
  • Size: 68.9MB



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