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Come with Mya on a journey in a magical world with fantasies, amazing creatures, and surprises in the new 100 Worlds, an adventurous puzzle game with Escape Room elements. If you like to experiment, come to this game to embrace new ideas and find the most thoughtful answers. This exciting adventure needs you to apply your logic to overcome challenges and reasoning to work out all kinds of puzzles to find a way out of the magic book, allowing you to experience the most relaxing and fun moments.


Mya found herself stuck in an ancient magic book and now has to solve various problems, riddles, and puzzles to travel from one world to another and eventually escape from the magic book. In 100 Worlds, you will embark on an adventure through a variety of magical and fantastic worlds in different levels. Your main task is to work out the solutions with Mya, and in case you get stuck, you can use hints and other help to pass the levels.

Key Features

100 Worlds now is a really popular puzzle game with tons of fans around the world who enjoy playing puzzle games. In this entertaining puzzle game, you will discover a series of strange creatures in 100 different worlds. You must use your intelligence to find the best way to overcome challenges and solve puzzles.

💯 100+ unique levels

You can discover and navigate more than 100 new levels in 100 Worlds, bringing you unexpected challenges like never before and keeping you always coming back for more. Each level has its own unique beauty and magic, making many players excited and impressed. You can choose the difficulty level in the game levels according to your level. Show your sensitivity and agility through stories and solve puzzles effectively.

🎮 Unique gameplay

When you join 100 Worlds, the game will present you with different difficult puzzles. Each puzzle contains many hidden meanings and comes with new implications. You must take advantage of your experience combined with your understanding to complete every task as quickly as possible. It will be helpful if you don’t miss these new quizzes because they will provide you with more unique and valuable knowledge. Also, when you get stuck in the game, you can turn to the hints button.

🧠 An innovative brain game

Brain games help make the brain work better and also help people focus and feel good about what they have achieved. During the 100 Worlds – Escape Room Game, you’ll need to think smart and use your brain. This escape room game will not only help you get rid of boredom, but it will also optimize your memory and improve your logic with various puzzles. To win the game, you need to know a lot about the world and some subjects like chemistry and history. Also, some tasks will require you to think carefully, while others will need you to react quickly.

✨ Vibrant images with multiple monitoring

Players can appreciate new and colorful graphics in 100 Worlds. In addition, you will enjoy a unique cast of characters and extremely vivid images, causing a strong attraction for many players. There are many beautiful landscapes to explore here. Furthermore, the vibrant background music will make you more excited every time you participate in finding the correct and most accurate answer to each question.

👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family-friendly

You can even play 100 Worlds with your family and see who has the fastest skills and logical thinking. The puzzles have been adapted for players aged 12 and up, so gather your teenagers and explore the diversity of the world while solving logic tasks.

Download and enjoy hours of brain-twisting moments! Don’t forget to make the most of your practical knowledge and analytical thinking.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 100 Worlds v1.2.0
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Peaksel Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Free Shopping
  • Size: 101.3MB



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