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1010! is a fun puzzle game with colorful blocks, where players take turns using the colored blocks given by the system to fill in the empty spaces on the board and erase them. Are you looking for a casual puzzle game that you can enjoy on the go and at your own pace? Then 1010! with its endless creativity and addictive gameplay is definitely a great mobile game for you.

1010 provides many new playgrounds for you, the best experience when participating as the king of puzzle games which will help you be more confident to conquer the tournament. There will be no limits; The game ends when the board has no more room for your blocks. The right strategy will help players quickly create light explosions and make colored blocks disappear.

Unique Gameplay

Here in 1010!, you will put together different shaped blocks in different arrangements to fully enjoy the matching game. And you can build and destroy different structures using line blocks. Combine different blocks of different shapes and configurations allowing you to fully enjoy the jigsaw puzzle.

🟧 Basic Rule

  • Fun with colorful blocks: The whole challenge revolves around the colored blocks and how to arrange them on the big 1010 board. provide Players are tasked with completing the board with the most convincing score. The supplied colored blocks come in a variety of shapes. The system releases three free blocks of color and shape per supply. Players will move them to any area they want on the menu. From there, the system accepts your combos and determines their position on the leaderboard.
  • Think twice: When a player can finish placing a block of any color on the board but there is no room left for the remaining blocks, the game ends. The game takes place in a free form; There will be no levels. Sometimes when you get a higher score, the system will give you color blocks that are disadvantageous to you. This is why players should always be careful in their decisions when exploring this content.


🟨 Customize in-game elements

You can freely customize the in-game elements as you want with the various skins and certain themes for you to choose from. Here, the handy mobile tool gives you great theme settings and interface options, each of which allows boards and blocks to look amazing. Additionally, their various visual interactions and animations will deliver an absolutely astonishing gaming experience.

🟩 Save slots

1010! is a mesmerizing fusion of carefully crafted graphics and high performance, which makes it a sought-after game. We look forward to receiving valuable feedback on your experience with each update. All notable changes are announced in advance. The process of conquering the top of a puzzle can be interrupted by any task. Don’t worry though, you can pause it and do your work at any time, and the score will be saved.

🟦 Climb the leaderboards

There will be big and small rankings in the player community for everyone to take part in. Everyone, your friends or opponents can enter the game with you in this thrilling competition.

Players can see the list of candidates and their scores and times on the public leaderboard. The top spot on the leaderboard changes when you get more points. But there are no guarantees when you try to beat them in the new game if you have the courage.

All you have to do now is start 1010! and enjoy the refreshing brain puzzles! Test your skills at new goals, push yourself to the next level, and dominate the leaderboards.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 1010! v69.7.822
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Zynga
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android
  • MOD: Unlocked All Themes
  • Size: 42.8MB



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