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112 Operator is an exciting simulator where you can realize your dream of becoming a city manager by providing emergency services over the phone for any city around the whole world. Take a host of calls and dispatch rescue teams, wisely deal with various emergencies according to the weather and traffic situation, and open up daily channels for masses to be a qualified and disinterested emergency number operator in 112 Operator!

Game Flow

As an operator of the city emergency team, you should know that you will face many different situations, from the simplest to the most complex. However, you should always be prepared to solve it quickly, no matter what the problem may be. Sometimes there are many emergency cases, the victim will call directly to provide information, but you also have the right to choose to receive the call or decline.

🖥 Start with a screen

You will see a map of the whole city on the main screen to find the person in trouble quickly. Once you know where it is, tell the rescue team and tell everyone to leave right away. You also need to think about the weather and traffic to choose the quickest way. If the help takes too long to arrive, people could be at risk. So, make sure everything is okay at all times.

🌀 To all units: a storm is coming…

Based on the real-time and dynamic weather data, the job of an operator is not always smooth and easy. The weather might make it hard for players to get around because it will cause traffic and limit their movement. Moreover, fires are accurately simulated as they spread over time, which adds excitement for players and surprises people who are new to the game.

🚨 112, can I help you?

Normally, there are many accidents that happen every day around the world, like car crashes, fires, or even bank robberies. In 112 Operators, you will have to deal with these situations and come up with the best solutions. But you also have to watch out for fake situations from people who want to tease you on purpose, and not let that happen; it’s best to focus on thinking carefully.

  • Equipment: To rescue people quickly, you need to have important tools like vehicles, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers. You can buy them at the store. Furthermore, having enough people to help during emergencies like fires, catching criminals, or robberies is very important. After you finish the tasks, you will be able to use the police force and direct them in emergencies.
  • Transportation: Transportation also makes a big difference because it decides how fast we can do the work and how long it takes to get to where we’re going. 112 Operator offers different vehicles like ambulances, cars, fire trucks, and helicopters for you to use. You have to choose the right vehicle for the situation or the person could die if something goes wrong.


🌈 Climb up to the top

Choose one of the European cities in the all-new career mode and see if you can climb the Operator career ladder. Follow your supervisor’s orders and see how your actions affect those you are responsible for or those who need your help. Sometimes your mistakes will only result in a reprimand email, sometimes they will affect your very life.

Download 112 Operator now! The senior specialists, a SWAT team, riot gear, cutting-edge helicopters, and even a dog and robot are always at your service!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 112 Operator v1.6.5
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Games Operators S.A.
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 8.0
  • MOD: Unlimited Money
  • Size: 576.7MB



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