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1941 Frozen Front will bring you to bloody and hardcore warfare on the frozen front with epic battles and the most powerful armies. Players will need to lead a country to stand up and fight with a typical strategy style and this war lasted throughout the world and prospered. Dropped into the frozen front where your army faces cold, starvation, and war-torn environments, you must demonstrate command abilities and come up with creative ideas to attack all these eccentric enemies.


This turn-based strategy game reflects massive horrible aspects and details of the famous battles of 1941. You play as a German commander, leading his army to the East or defending Russia from the Soviet Union. You can choose between as many infantry, aircraft, and tanks as you like.

Before starting your journey, you will receive a brief, informative tutorial that will help you in future battles. In the game, in snowy Eastern Europe, you can command an army and various vehicles in various battles. Players will have to apply their intelligence, hoping to lead their army to defeat the enemy in a snap.

Key Features

⚑ An epic theatre of war

This war will be your masterpiece and scare other countries and they won’t be able to fight back anymore. In the game, you need to move your army to a strong place to win important battles. This war will be awesome if the player can lead the army to victory and bring back lots of gold.

⚑ Addictive strategic gameplay

Your unit will be destroyed when it takes too much damage, but it can be repaired with resources from the Supply Depot. Remember to use resources carefully as they are limited. Each battlefield is divided into hexagons so you can manage and position yourself effectively. All you have to do is simply tap on the desired block to move your tank, soldiers, or plane to experience every aspect of war combat. Attacking enemies is easy and you don’t need to be a military strategist to win the battle.


⚑ Advanced weapons & vehicles

Supply trucks will give them health and resources, so keep your powerful units close to a supply truck. Some places have fog, so you need to send people to look for wrecks. Use all the guns and cars from the 1941 Frozen Front to fight in the war which will go the way we planned, and we can use this to show how well you can lead.

⚑ Supply depots

There are two different types of supply warehouses: German and Russian. The main capability of a supply depot is to have a large stockpile of supplies. In some missions, enemy supply depots cannot be captured and unless destroyed, can provide unlimited resources. After destroying it, a supply depot will reward the player with incredible prizes.

⚑ Versatile game modes

There are two modes for you to play: single-player & multiplayer.

  • Single-player is the main way to play the game where the player has to finish certain tasks as I said before. In this mode, there are five military tasks with four levels each. Players have to complete each level.
  • Alternatively, multiplayer mode allows you to invite up to five friends on one device to enjoy the war with you.

⚑ Magnificent graphics & sounds

1941 Frozen Front Premium is beautifully designed in a 2D art style with stunning high-resolution landscapes. The battlefield turns into a topical color effect when it’s the enemy’s turn, which is a very nice visual.

The background music and sound effects are also great, making you feel like you’re actually participating in an epic and intense battle.

If you get prepared and think you can rule the chaos of war, we’ll meet on the frontlines!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 1941 Frozen Front Premium v1.12.8
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: HandyGames
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android
  • MOD: Unlimited Gold
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