1979 Revolution: Black Friday

1979 Revolution: Black Friday v1.2.0 MOD APK(Cinematic Adventure)

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ABOUT 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Based on genuine occasions and onlooker declarations, in this authentic, truly exact, and stunningly immersive adventure of 1979 Revolution: Black Friday — you must choose what you stand for and survive till the end — as the world is set on fire around you. Only a small number of individuals are aware that 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is also an exceptional visual novel game. However, its limited popularity can be attributed to its dark storyline and difficult gameplay. If you’re a historical enthusiast and war game lover, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is designed for you.

Black Friday is a game where players make choices and follow a story. It takes place in a troubled country about to fall apart. Play as Reza, a photojournalist, and make choices that can determine whether you live or die as you navigate the tough streets of Iran in the late 1970s.


If you like relaxing and fresh romance stories or Japanese-style romantic novels, 1979 Revolution: Black Friday may not be for you. In this game, you will play a character named Reza Shirazi, a student from Iran who is very wealthy and has just come back from Germany. Sadly, when he comes back home, she accidentally gets involved in the intense fighting and chaos of the civil war and fiery revolution that is about to happen in her hometown. In 1979, the main female character in the game became an experienced reporter for a famous newsroom. You will assist Reza in using her camera and clever deductions to overcome the unjust situations in her life.


Based On True Events

Without a doubt, the format of 1979 is near-perfect through the tight association of each branching occasion within the amusement. This story is inspired by real events and is based on the firsthand accounts of people fighting for freedom, witnesses, and victims of a revolution that had a significant impact on the 21st century. It also includes the experiences of those who were imprisoned in Iran’s infamous Evin Prison.

It’s Your Decisions

The decisions you make will determine how your time in the Revolution unfolds and what happens to everyone involved, now and later. With each dull choice you make comes the weight and authenticity that the amusement passes on. How the inverse individual responds such as bliss, outrage, or cherish could be a reflection of the player’s interaction and choices from the start to the conclusion.

Free Exploration

You can discover the world that is falling apart under strict military control: secret hideouts, angry demonstrations, busy streets, and much more. The fashion of transmission was amazingly free without any restriction or restriction. Players can move the most characters anywhere within the whole space that the diversion gives. It can be said that this interesting combination format makes the diversion diverse. Both the gameplay fashion and the story make the replay esteem of the amusement significantly expanded.

Unique Gameplay

It can be said that the equation for making recreations agreeing to the strategy: choice – result – branching is now not modern within the visual novel, but it too appears to have never gotten to be obsolete. Be that as it may, 1979 Insurgency Dark Friday also employments the over equation and combines a dull authentic practical fashion that will make you go from shock to astonish, with city emergency prioritization, interactive action scenes, and picture editing.

Cinematic Experience

Branching cinematic story told through movement-captured activity and voice-over exhibitions. You can find the seldom-seen world of Tehran within the 1970s, through a striking visual fashion and wonderful soundtrack.

Key Collectables

1979 Revolution: Black Friday is a collection of more than 80 special stories that make the Iranian Revolution more interesting. These stories include things like old videos, personal videos, graffiti, pictures, and more. By exploring these stories, you can learn more about the Iranian Revolution.

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