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1Line & Dots designed to challenge your brain in various ways, is a puzzle game where you engage in puzzles of different types and difficulty levels. Depending on how you look at it, some of these will be easy, while others may be difficult. Grab one line and see if it helps you understand the rest, keep trying until you solve all the puzzles in the game, and prove yourself in his brain-teasing puzzler.

Game Features

The game offers you a relaxing and creative experience by drawing lines and uncovering various kinds of objects. Players can get better at thinking quickly and solving problems by playing fun puzzles. Additionally, as you move through the amazing stages, you will learn about many new topics.

▫Simple and clear puzzle

When you play 1Line & Dots, you will have to answer the game’s questions honestly. Each question is about a different part of life and gives you helpful information. Also, the questions can be easy, medium, or hard depending on what you choose.

Use your detective skills and see if you can connect these places by following the hint lines. Remember, you can’t replace an existing line with a new one.

▫Versatile stages

There are also some very tough and complex puzzles in many levels. When you are stuck in some puzzles, don’t forget to turn to the hint.

  • In the beginning, the shapes are easy, but as you get better, the shapes get harder with more lines.
  • Then, you may feel that it is too easy early on.
  • But it’s also important to complete the easy levels.
  • The hints to help you beat the harder levels are hidden in the easier levels.

▫Keep your brain busy

If you connect the dots on the board in a smart way, you can start playing the 1Line game. The game has logical situations and gives players unique challenges to beat. This game is for many people and helps make your brain work better by giving you tricky puzzles to solve. Moreover, it will help you train your brain in the right way. You can play this game before going to sleep to relax, or you can play it anytime and anywhere to reduce stress. So how long can you keep the line moving with dots?


▫For everyone

Anyone can have fun playing this puzzle game with only a line and some dots but completing hard tasks can make you smarter. This game is great for everyone, especially for little kids. Using it will help kids’ brains grow and remember things better. It also helps older people to stay mentally sharp and remember things clearly, which is very good for them.

▫From everywhere

Bring your game with you wherever you go. You can play this dot-connecting game anywhere: at home, at work, in the park, on the bus, or even in a restaurant. It’s also a good idea to play a game before going to bed after a long day. You will see a clear shape made up of dots and lines on the screen.

▫Streamlined graphics

When you play 1Line & dots, you will see a nice and easy layout on the screen. You also receive many puzzles with lots of pieces that look nice on the screen. This affects a lot of players, and they pay attention to it. We spent a lot of time and thought about each song as we chose the music for the game, which makes the soundtrack in the game very nice and enjoyable to help people relax.

A vibrant world of black & white awaits! Download to connect the dots with a line to complete various levels and immersive yourself in the pastel world of 1Line & Dots!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 1Line & Dots v5.1.8
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: nixGames
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: All Unlocked
  • Size: 8.6MB



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