20 Minutes Till Dawn

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20 Minutes Till Dawn is a survival roguelike game where you will face a staggering number of demons from the deep dark. Strategically choose your characters, weapons, and runes to start the game, and select your upgrades and evolutions to build your own powerful array and fight until dawn! A 20-minute game unlocks the ultimate stress-relieving game experience!


In 20 Minutes Till Dawn, players are in a dangerous place surrounded by hordes of strange monsters that are swarming all over, and plaguing this world. As the solitary survivor, you must reinforce yourself through different roads and discover the final beam of trust for survival by battling swarms of fierce beasts.

Confront an attack of perpetual swarms and outlive the night in 20 Minutes Till DAWN. Make energetic builds from an assortment of weapons, runes, and extraordinary capacities in arrange to outlive for 20 minutes. How long will you fight back without joining the horde of the creep monsters?


20 Minutes Till DAWN highlights dynamic movement that carries over all runs. Utilize obtained Souls to saddle the control of Runes and improve your by and large quality. Explore new construct openings through a suite of extra characters and advanced weapons. Utilize each passing to your advantage and develop more capability for the following features.

🤍Dynamic Builds

With over 50 diverse upgrades to select from throughout each try, every run offers a distinct opportunity to enhance yourself. You can change your weapon at any time and you’re sure to figure out the play style that suits you best. Also, with the tune System, you can improve your strength and carry progression across all runs, so the possibilities are limitless!

🤍Diverse Arsenal

In 20 Minutes Till DAWN, you’ll enjoy builds across a wide cast of unlockable characters and upgradable weapons. And in the later of the game, more new characters will show up. Each combination of a character and weapon will result in a unique style of behavior, movement, and combat. Assault control, harm run, and transmitted impacts are moreover isolated. Combining it’ll make a modern playing encounter in each determination.

🤍 Tomes

When you defeat ferocious bosses, you’ll acquire Tomes including grant rear upgrades. The game with more Tomes gets harder as the levels go up, making it ideal for those who love challenges.

🤍 Innovative Gameplay

With the directional aim and active firing, 20 Minutes Till DAWN offers a methodical battle system. 20 Minutes Till DAWN may typically be a Roguelike shooting diversion. You may select many different upgrade forms to make an interesting character for yourself, and be able to change yourself into a witch, spitting fire to burn tons of creatures. With each chosen character, you are expected to choose the correct weapon to unleash their complete potential, quality, and abilities.

🤍Classic 2D Graphics

In case you’ve ever been drenched in Alien Shooter and need to discover the ancient wistfulness feeling once more, 20 Minutes Till DAWN is the right game for you. Stunning 2D graphics that show a view from above will help you see everything around you and make a great strategy for staying alive. Just Investigate carefully-crafted areas and explore complicated levels designed by Erabit Studios.


Ignite demons with each pump of your shotgun, rain lighting down from the sky, or control enchantment lances to penetrate your foes! Pick up and play this thrilling game, you will have approachable 10-20 minute runs with quick play sessions in mind.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 20 Minutes Till Dawn 3.2
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Erabit Studios
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 6.0+
  • Size: 66.5MB

Change Log

V3.2 updated on Sep 24, 2023

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.



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