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The 2022 Indonesia Bus Simulator game could make your dream of being a bus driver in Indonesia come true in a fun and realistic way. You can impressively experience the career of a bus driver in a gorgeous and bustling urban area in Indonesia while appreciating the local scenery and culture. 2022 Indonesia Bus Simulator may not be the first of its genre, but it is definitely the most advanced and realistic bus simulator game based in Indonesia.


When you go from one city to another, you can choose whether or not to take the bus. It’s your decision. The newest version of the bus game is shown, and it happens in a beautiful place with mountains, roads, and buildings. You can choose how the game looks and how the bus works and it’s all up to you. The bus runs all day and night, so you can ride it whenever is best for you.

Game Highlights

2022 Indonesia Bus Simulator is absolutely free and safe to play. Offer transportation service for picking up and dropping off, finish the tasks and challenges every day to get more rewards, and you can purchase buses and make them better by upgrading them. Just download the game on Apklovely and start driving your own bus in Indonesia.

A bus driving game that lets us explore Indonesia, a unique and beautiful country. Basically, the game is similar to other games in the same genre. You buy different buses, make them better, drive around the city, and pick up passengers, which helps your bus company grow and get better.

🕹 Simple controls

You won’t have any problems making the liver because the controls are easy, which makes the game better and simpler to play. All operational elements of the Indonesia bus are crystal clear and fully functional. Even players who are new at something can do it easily.

🚌 Various choices

You can buy those buses and make them look even cooler by changing how they look. Fix and make those buses better so they can be driven. Drive the buses in real cities and places in Indonesia. All these buses are approved and their designs are the same as real Indonesian buses. Also, you can make your imagination run wild by customizing your buses with different colors, patterns, and ad panels.

🧭 True courses of the roads

The roads have been designed with very detailed drawings. For the first time, a bus simulator has been made to look and feel like a real training simulator, so driving the bus feels very realistic.

🗺 Incredible maps

It’s a game where you can drive around in Indonesian cities and pick different maps to play on. All these maps show real places and things. Just choose the map and begin to drive. You can go to many different places in the game by driving through cities and locations. Maps have a lot of details and look real. You can change your buses and drive them on the roads however you like.

⛈ More challenges

As a bus driver in different areas in Indonesia, you will deal with the traffic challenges of a big city and everything else that comes with it. Don’t let bad weather, bumpy roads, traffic, people who don’t pay, accidents, road work, or special requests from passengers stop you. Explore the many virtual roads and streets to unlock new areas, buses, and customization choices.

🎊 Stunning graphics

2022 Indonesia Bus Simulator looks amazing and realistic because of its awesome visual effects and animations. The buses look very nice and have a lot of small features. Discover the vast and beautiful landscapes of Indonesia. You can see everything on the road and around you like driving on the roads in Indonesia which passes museums, parks, and other sightseeing spots to offer you a wonderful journey.

What are you waiting for? Download now because your shift has already begun!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 2022 Indonesia Bus Simulator v1.6
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: IDBS Studio
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Free Rewards
  • Size: 114.1MB



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