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2112TD: Tower Defense Survival is a strategy game with tower defense elements, designed for sci-fi adventure lovers. Join the fight between angry enemy groups. Here, you will research and create a strong tower to protect against enemy attacks, with a big job to do: keep the Earth safe from being destroyed. Get ready to defend the Earth in a big way. Create, set up, investigate, and improve your defenses in this impressive, traditional real-time strategy game set in a futuristic world.

The Story

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival brings you on a space adventure to a world 100 years in the future. There is a lot of fighting happening here and it is very disorganized. Your success in your mission depends on how smart and experienced you are in battle. This is a big change from the TD games you usually play.

Even though the story takes place in the future, 2112TD: Tower Defense Survival also remains nostalgic. It is connected to amazing accomplishments that happened during the best time for RTS. This shows that we still admire older games like Command and Conquer and StarCraft. This old-fashioned belief has always been kept, which has attracted many players to stick with 2112TD until the end.

Key Features

Beginning with a specific task that is important for the whole world, time is very important in this online world. Every second is important and adds up to make a difference in time. It shows a realistic fight between good and evil in a very real way. You will be hit by electric shocks and trapped in the fortification walls. The fight happens in the sky, and there are lots of air battles planned.

☆ New TD feature

In 2112TD, Tower defense is the crucial part. The speed is constant, but the danger is great as the never-ending groups gather to try to take over your control center. In this game, you’ll need to use fast and active abilities instead of the usual tower defense strategies. We moved the tower a little bit closer to the command center in the new version, so you can now aim at your enemies more accurately.

☆ Make strategies for victory

The tactical database collects information about your weapons and your enemies on the battlefield. Make sure to keep checking it regularly because it will be really important for your success against large groups of enemies.

☆ Multiple combat mechanics

2112TD is designed for both newbies and veterans. The initial modes are fairly simple and you can also respawn after death. If you are really good at the game and desire challenges, you can skip ahead to the very difficult battles.

☆ Most advanced armories

Don’t miss out on this amazing weapon system just for you. There are many different types of guns, and each has its own special use. So, depending on the enemy and the situation, use different weapons to win. Some common weapons are machine guns and flamethrowers. Do you remember the towers we used to defend ourselves? You can make them stronger by upgrading them from experimental to practical.

☆ Steel evidence for achievements

The rewards of winning each fight are very appealing. This is the most important thing for a soldier who is ready to give up his life to protect the Earth. It includes information gathered in battle and special weapons taken from enemies. Critics are important because they show that you have worked hard and accomplished things in the past. In addition to being part of the Human World, you are also signed up for the leaderboard, and only the top players who defeat the most enemies can get the best prizes.

My commander, why are still you waiting? All the flesh spawn shall be finished! Download now and take this adventure with the ultimate TD onslaught.

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