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3 Minute Heroes is an exciting strategy game and mix of deck building, tower defense, and rogue-like elements. You are expected to summon powerful heroes to protect your castle from invaders. With innovative and versatile gameplay, and eye-catching graphics, an epic adventure in 3 Minute Heroes awaits! Place your heroes, wisely use cards, and safeguard the peace of your base for three minutes.

Why 3 Minute Heroes?

You’ll enjoy a fun and exciting space when participating in 3 Minute Heroes: Card Defense. You must try your best to complete the assigned tasks to receive many valuable rewards. With a brand-new set of choir skins, librarians, and 5 hero reels, 3 Minute Heroes also improves its data optimization and fixes application crashes to deliver a perfect gaming experience.

⚝ Simple play, easy to understand

Playing 3 Minute Heroes may remind you of Plants vs Zombies, and you race through different 3-minute rounds with dramatically increasing difficulty and unique challenges. You have three minutes to beat the other players, and the more you beat, the more points you earn. Once you finish the job, you will get a lot of good things. Your skills will get better every round, and you will be better at both defending and attacking, which will make your battles easier.

⚝ Carefully-crafted visuals

In 3 Minute Heroes: Card Defense, players can see adorable graphics The game cards and characters are made to look like really adorable cartoon pictures. Silly-looking monsters make the game more fun for players. Use dynamic movements to create thrilling and exciting fights.

⚝ Unlimited synergies

  • Combination of 20 heroes & 400+ cards

The game has over 20 special characters and over 400 different cards for players to pick from. Each card can be used a certain number of times to help the player attack enemies by freezing, burning, shooting, and more. Those cards are also intuitive, unique, and cute in their design. You don’t need to know all the cards, because only certain heroes can use them in a game. In Great Invasion mode, there are special cards that you can only find. It’s a great challenge for new and experienced players.

  • 10 extreme stages

Take on the levels with 5 altars. An Altar pops up at any time and stays active for 30 seconds. Heroes can be shocked, or enemies can come three times as often, and both of these things last for 30 seconds. As the stage gets higher, more altars are added, and in the end, there are a total of 50 altars. Be careful when you reach stage 10.

⚝ Dozens of monsters

There are many different types of monsters and bosses from 6 groups: slimes, goblins, ghosts, demons, golems, and dragons. Monsters and bosses have many different ways they act. At the end of each round, you can pick one of three rewards to make your deck better.

⚝ Endless loots & upgrades

Different enemies will offer different rewards based on the heroes you pick. With “Adjust loots,” you can add new rewards or make existing ones drop more often. If you have a powerful magic card that can vanquish a staggering number of foes, you will get rewards when you meet certain conditions.

Also, you can collect rounds to obtain clover and use it to improve your hero. Keep trying with stronger heroes.

⚝ More stories

You can see the heroes’ stories when certain things happen, like unlocking all the heroes or beating the 5th stage of the Great Invasion. The story about heroes will keep being added over time.

Download to find your synergies and surpass yourself in 3 minutes!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 3 Minute Heroes v1.44
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Sinkhole Studio
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • MOD: Unlimited Money
  • Size: 354.0MB



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