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33RD: Random Defense v3.9.5 MOD APK(Mega Menu)

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Rejoice to all TD fanatics there! 33RD: Random Defense introduces an adorable animal battlefield of pixel style that is both fun and challenging. It’s a strategy game where you need to combine different units of heroes and place them strategically to outwit and outplay the upcoming invaders, delivering an immersive action-packed RPG experience for you. Along with cute animals and powerful wizards, you can build your pragmatic defense now.

Key Features

In 33RD Random Defense, your job is to prevent the slimes from crossing from one side to the other side. At the same time, you have to stay away from 33 different enemies who are moving around and trying to attack your team. So, your fingers will be tested because everything moves quickly and you have to switch and create your animals.

◈ The onslaught of the animal army

In 33RD: Random Defense, your team is made up of a magician and a group of animals. Magic users will have their own special spells and abilities, and you can make them more powerful. Your animals will have to battle against the system’s animals. It won’t be a problem if you give them guns and sparks to even out the difference.

◈ Defend anytime, anywhere

Since animals can attack at any time, it’s important to always be ready to fight with the right position and weapons. However, a large group of animals can easily overpower you if they are lucky. Let’s make clever plans to win every fight.

In this place for animals, your group always has to protect. The animals could attack at any time, so we need to always be ready to fight with our weapons and know where to position ourselves. Let’s make a plan to win every fight.

◈ Strategy over sheer luck

Your success in 33RD: Random Defense is limited by your skills, as well as tactics. Recruit powerful fighters called wizards to join the army in 33RD: Random Defense. They are very skilled at fighting and can also use powerful magic. Properly teaching and placing the magician will make the entire army stronger. Every kind of magic user will have their own weapon, special powers, and skill level. Due to their special abilities, they can use strong attacks to defeat lots of enemies with just a few hits.

◈ Cozy and idle

Developed by Wonderquad, 33RD Random is great for everyone, even if you’re busy. Also, in this game, you can set your army of cute animals and wizards of pixelated art to fight for you even when you’re not playing.

◈ Various modes

33RD has 33 different ways to attack and lots of different ways to play the game:

  • Single TD simulator: You must beat 200 levels of enemy attacks. Once that’s done, you’ll get really great prizes. For example, you get an upgrade when you finish each level.
  • Duel mode: You will fight against different players from around the world in strategic tower war battles.
  • Co-op tactical battle: Here, you can play with your friends and try to stop a lot of monsters while trying to get a high score
  • Crazy mode: You have to use spells and treasure effects to help your characters fight off the enemies in dungeons. When you play 33RD Random Defense, you can collect over 60 cool animals and unlock new wizards to use.

Each game mode has its own special qualities and attractions. Please make sure to read the directions and rules before starting the new one.

Download to experience the thrill of strategic gameplay and randomness at the same time. You will become the final winner!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 33RD: Random Defense v3.9.5
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Wondersquad
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • MOD: Mega Menu
  • Size: 120.0MB



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