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Welcome to the magical world of Wizard Universe – Magic Games with RPG elements that focus on dynamic magical combat. In this world, wizards and magic are in charge. Dive into a make-believe RPG journey with your friends, where excitement and new experiences await. In this mysterious domain, you’ll wear the Sorting Hat and set out on an epic journey filled with daydreams, RPG elements, and exciting experiences. You will also get sorted into different groups called houses with the help of the Sorting Hat. Tap into your hidden magical powers with the Magic Caster Wand and explore the wonderful world of wizards and magic.


Tons of Unlockables

Unlock 100+ special spells and search for powerful combinations and connections between spells. Different types of elemental spells let you choose the best ones for how you like to play. Jump right into the fight or watch from a distance while your followers handle it, it’s all up to you!

Customised Wizard

With a vast array of customization options for magic hats, you can create a unique wizard that truly fits your style and personality and become the magic wizard you always wanted to be.

Skill-based Combat

Fast and intense combat requires high levels of skill. Attack your enemies up close with powerful strikes, learn powerful magic spells and a combination of common ones, and move quickly across the battlefield to vanquish your opponents.

Local Multiplayer

Wizard Universe Magic Games allows you to play with or against a friend, so you can enjoy multiplayer fun with your friends.

Beginner Tips

Battles in Wizard Universe Magic Games are really dynamic and exciting. You will need to utilize your strategic techniques to effectively overcome evil enemies. You can use a combination of spells, and get away and unleash uncommon attacks on your rivals.

Newbie Guide

This simple and easy-to-understand teaching guidance is to help you master a variety of different magic skills and spell combinations. Each spell has its own unique strengths and weaknesses to overcome. Keep trying and enjoy increased magical power that will make you a more formidable wizard.

Cast Your Own Spells

Different magic spells can be combined to create more powerful magic and effects. You can freely build your favorite magical combination for battle. Make a magic spell by mixing any of these parts together. What type of wizard are you? Do you use your deep knowledge of magic in battles or do you prefer to use magic at a close distance? Maybe you like to let your summoned creatures do the fighting for you. You have all these options.

Challenge Different Levels

By continuously challenging levels with increasing difficulty and completing the tasks, you can gradually grow into a true magician, and eventually become a great Magister. To stay alive, you need to be agile and be able to adapt your magic quickly. Upgrade your combat strategies as you get ready to vanquish an array of foes, each with their own powerful skills.


I believe wizards are researchers of another measurement. They are fastidious, exploratory, learned, and exploratory as scientists of our age attempt to get it the truth of the world. Are you ready to be a true wizard? Come and join a group of magical heroes and other wizards as you use your special powers to cast spells. You will become the best Wizard Hero in the world of Magic Survival and Wizard Legend!

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  • Latest Version: Wizard Universe Magic Games 1.7.0
  • Category: Role Playing Game
  • Developer: TapNation
  • Requires Android: 6.0+
  • Size: 163.2MB



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