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3D Driving Class v29.6 Unlocked Cars

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3D Driving Class is a simulation game where players can control cars in a realistic and animated way. Featuring real-life systems to make driving feel different and familiar, this game offers you a cool experience of the thrill and emotion of authentic driving and racing. In addition, with lots of online game servers where you can hang out with amazing cars, 3D Driving Class is great for everyone who desires an ultimate driver journey.

Your Ultimate Racing Awaits

With top-quality images for a lifelike driving feel, a well-made system and interface that feels smooth and easy to use, and tons of fancy cars made with great care and attention to every little detail, you with your friends can experience different driving classes and stages for the serious driver.

▪ Authentic simulation for driving enthusiasts

When you enter the world of 3D Driving Class, firstly you may be deeply impressed by its detail and design with the realistic 3D simulating system inspired by the South Korea driving school, so the driving rules are often changed to fit different situations. The in-game driving events or challenges are very detailed, so players can enjoy the best of the driving simulation genre.

▪Realistic and fluid controls

The controls in 3D Driving Class are carefully made to feel real and to make the player feel like they are driving a real car, which means that the control interface, like the buttons and functions, looks just like those in a real car to engineer the greatest accuracy of tactility and physics of feeling. The player can control the car from their own eyes, not from behind the car, for a more realistic and exciting experience, no matter what kind of car they’re driving.

▪Driving courses & various levels

Just immerse yourself in versatile campaigns with massive challenges that will reward you for engaging in the activities you want. You will go through many challenges and driving courses during your career. The level design and difficulty change according to the player’s skills, so everyone can enjoy the game more. Over time, as drivers meet the requirements for each level, they can move on to more difficult levels.

▪Magnificent vehicle designs and variable

In addition to the fun gameplay, the cars in the game look great and perform well when players drive them. Also, each one has its own way of control instead of being all the same, so everyone’s experience will keep changing. Mostly, the appearance details are well-designed, modern, and true to the original. Rule the breathtaking expeditions across the vibrant racetracks with unlimited, exciting driving action in tons of the world’s greatest vehicles.

▪Well-developed graphics and interactive

3D Driving Class is a course to learn driving in a virtual world with three-dimensional graphics. With high-quality pictures and a fun, engaging setting, 3D Driving Class has really good graphics that make everything look very realistic in a unique way. But the best part is that players can see the views around them from the vehicle or walking around, showing complete freedom to explore.

▪Drive with other players for entertainment

Driving challenges can be tough and tricky sometimes, but it’s more fun when you drive with others on online servers. Most of the things you can do with it are good for a lot of people at the same time, even if they are sharing a car and having a great time together. The game will have more maps and places for everyone to enjoy playing together.

Download 3D Driving Class and collect, upgrade, customize your exclusive, and tailor every setting as well as your playstyle to start the ultimate driver adventure now!

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  • Latest Version: 3D Driving Class v29.6
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: John 3:16
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • MOD: Unlocked Cars
  • Size: 524.7MB



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