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How often have you developed your mind and attentiveness? I’d like to introduce you 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures, as an interesting and attractive game poking our brains. On the off chance that there’s a delightfully planned maze game, full of changes of the view of 4 seasons, idyllic view, agreeable colors, and experience with a character molded like a cute mushroom, on pleasant foundation music, will you give it a try?

3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures is a straightforward and surprisingly maze game of the simple beauty o with POKO’s art and calm soundtrack, which is perfectly suitable not only for your kids but also the family.

Maze games possess perplexing plans and have continuously had a mysterious request. By entering your intellect on winding lines, recalling this area, that point of interest, your intellect will center here without stressing almost anything else. Particularly for kids, the labyrinth is an addictive amusement since it invigorates interest and works out memory to the max.

WHY 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures?

There are numerous other maze diversions, but why ought you select to play 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures? A lot of people play mazes to relax and clear their thoughts, making them feel better when they are stressed or anxious. They can also make your brain work better by helping you remember things and think more effectively.

You won’t see anything repeated when you play and you won’t be able to find the way out at the end of the game. The next time you come back, put yourself in another corner of the labyrinth everything will alter and be totally distinctive. The involvement of playing the maze-solving amusement is never rehashed and each time it invigorates memory to the max.


3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures offers over 25 unique maps, all of which are outlined in a smooth and totally distinctive cartoon fashion. You’ll have the opportunity to go through a parcel of wonderful views: from the leaves, snow woodland, rain field to the profound sea, harvest time plant, and swamp wilderness, cave… If there’s an extra screen capture highlight, you may get nervous at any point.

Control Options

There are different instinctive control choices for all players. Cleared out or right-handed choice for both joystick and retro buttons. You’ll be able moreover attempt the classic double adhere setup or interface your claim Bluetooth controller. In expansion to the controls, you have the proper to customize the sensitivity.

Third-person or First-person

3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures has both third-person and first-person options, allowing you to watch and capture each small detail of the maze within the most brief time, sparing the foremost exertion. There’s no doubt that you will find the play style that suits you best. The higher you go, the denser the mazes show up, recognizing stops additionally more deterrents.

 Main Quest

You don’t have to run around like a headless bunny in 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures, because there aren’t any hints for you. The as it were objective is additionally your fundamental job: Investigate the maze. There are no puzzles, but there are a number of entries and drifting bridges. Nothing stands in the way of the stream of the diversion. There’s moreover an Easter Egg within the maze that will grant you power-ups. 33D Maze: POKO’s Adventures energizes players to persistently investigate distinctive situations amid the travel of the delightful character POKO, and you need to help him find a way out. Venture through the different maps, and embark on quests across the maze. A new story or experience is always waiting for you to be discovered.


Within the world of POKO’s Adventures, no maze is as well troublesome. Download and push your skills to the limit, as you explore around nearly outlandish mazes.

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  • Latest Version: 3D Maze: POKO’s Adventures v2.6
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