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In 3D MMO Villagers Heroes, you will experience a mystical, three-dimensional fantasy world that offers endless scenery, rich storytelling, and thrilling quests, and more importantly, it’s completely free to play and fair to win! Become a part of a unique community by playing with thousands of players worldwide.

In 3D MMO Villagers and Heroes, you will take on the role of an intrepid adventurer who must finish his quest to discover the Seven Realms and vanquish the dark creatures. You will arrive and settle in a number of villages, but beware of this dreadful tranquility—monsters will only come out at night!

The Story

You will travel through a land full of majestic sights, and odd characters in need of a hero, and you will explore the mysteries of the Black Thrush, the secret army of Stone Lord, and the ultimate stirrings of Mallok the terrible’s return. From the snow-capped peaks of Stormhold to the sandy beaches of Traven, from the glittering hills of Glittermore to the emerald woods of Greenhaven. As you enter Mallok’s tower, you will encounter several formidable foes, including Egan, the Ogre Overlord of Mulgrew Swamp, Zikiti, the brooding mother of the arachnid horde, and another with a lovely singing voice whose terrifying notes will enthrall the unsuspecting.


🕹 Versatile gameplay

Acquire magical weapons, and enchanted gear by building superior facilities in a village, and party up with both new and old friends to get the most advanced Raid Gear. You can cultivate plants and take care of your animals in your garden to create potions of strength. In order to outfit your character, you can forge special, customized equipment, or you can trade with friends to support them. Of course, you can also always list your crafts in the Auction House for sale.

✨ Go through hundreds of different missions

Everyone taking part in Villagers and Heroes will once more face difficult challenges in each mission. You are the most courageous warrior; employ tools and tactics to defeat them with ease. In addition, moving around a lot will force you to explore a lot of enigmatic places like Ardent, Greenhaven, and Seven Realms. Players should begin creating the character’s smallest details right away to be prepared for the next expansion campaign!

⚒ Craft characters with powerful equipment

The meticulous planning that goes into the beginning gives you an endless supply of power in Villagers and Heroes. Along with a wide range of proficiency and enhanced abilities, the weapons and armor that a player equips also grant a versatile assortment of heroic feats and spells.

Numerous characters, each possessing a unique set of powers and fighting abilities. The beasts are traveling with you through many different lands; you get to choose their special traits, like bravery, cuteness, or quirkiness. Some players can’t resist the chance to gather hundreds of different items — power-ups in this exhilarating campaign — to achieve perfection.

🏜 A massive world awaits

You will explore the Seven Realms: the wooded areas of Ardent, the dense forests of Greenhaven, the snow-capped peaks of Shiverspine, and the sandy beaches of Traven — the possibilities for your travels across the globe are almost endless. Enter radiant sunsets or plunge into fiery abysses. Take on a zombie prince in a pitch-black cave with hanging stairs, or travel through icy mountains with terrifying magic and fierce winds.

Download and dive into the lore of Villagers & Heroes. There are exciting adventures full of mystery and peril ahead, and you should always remember: The good shall overcome evil!

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