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456 Survival Challenge v1.0.0 MOD APK(Squid Game)

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456 Survival Challenge is an exciting and captivating third-person multiplayer game based on the Korean series Squid Game, and this game guarantees to bring you the foremost realistic involvement of the leading character- Player 456. As player 456, you may need to do anything it takes to outlive and win tremendous prizes. You will play through several unique deadly challenges related to familiar children’s games, and the game goes until the last player stands.


On the condition that all those sinful people will be assembled on one isolated island. They start to take an interest in a dangerous field that incorporates diversions motivated by people’s recreations such as pull of war, blindfold progress, marble shooting, bridge crossing… The as it were distinction is whoever loses will pass on, whoever cheats will pass on, truly kick the bucket, not an amusement any longer. After all, as it were one survivor will get the total sum and get off the island to live another life.

Since Squid Game was discharged, accomplishing incredible accomplishments in world cinema, quickly there were numerous spin-offs persistently showing up. Versatile diversions are no exception to that trend. If you’re seeking out a game worth playing Squid on Versatile, you’ll be able to look at 456 Survival Challenge to download and attempt it out.

Deadly Challenges

When playing 456 Survival Challenge, you’ll encounter the recognizable childhood games with the already known survival style.

🎎 Red Light, Green Light

Red Light, Green Light is the most deadly one because it will eliminate a plethora of people to filter through to the next game. You have to stop when the doll turns around about to see around, but they can move towards the finishing line when the doll looks away. Remember that just a subtle movement and you will be killed instantly by the doll. You have 30 seconds to go across the courtyard.

🍭 Sugar Candy

In the next game, you will receive a piece of sugar candy that has a specific shape. You need to be patient and clever to follow the lines and separate the candy into the shape you want, without any damage. If you don’t follow the rules or do it too late, you will lose the game and someone may shoot at you.

💪 Tug-of-war

The players alive will be divided into groups, paired and tug-of-war. You have to move and slide your finger on the screen to help your team pull, fight with the other team, and win. If the other team pulls you and your teammates, you will fall off the cliff and be out of the game.

🏁 Glass Bridge

Now, there are exceptionally few individuals cleared out. And as it were somebody who memorizes each detail, with a small good fortune, can make it. Players are displayed with a huge bridge isolated into 2 ways. Each way contains a lean line of glass, a few are tempered and can bolster the weight of 2 players, but the others can’t indeed back one player, you must utilize your mind and luck to form it to the other side. You’ll be able to see through the area of the tempered glass sheets in a split second and have to keep in mind precisely where they are. As it were memorization and calm will pass through this level.

Welcome to the 456 Survival Challenge! No returns are allowed. It seems that the huge fortune is already close… Forget about things like complicated controls or the ten-hour-long Squid Game series you’ve seen — jump right into the fray and win the grand rewards!

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  • Latest Version: 456 Survival Challenge v1.0.0
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Azura Global
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 4.4+
  • Size: 66.3MB

Change Log

  • Fix some minor bugs
  • Optimize game performance



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