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Imagine being able to drive a car or van that is really meant for off-roading on a gravel road. Our newest video game, 4wheel: Offroad Driving, will make you laugh out loud as it accelerates you forward at an incredible rate. See for yourself just how accurate 4×4 simulators can be in simulating rock-tracking conditions, and embark on an extreme offroad journey – traverse mud and snow, forests and deserts, hills and ravines!

Key Features

With the help of this game, you and the hundreds of millions of other players who are addicted to games in this genre will be able to race a Ford GT or drive a stylish Jeep off-road in high definition with realistic animations and physics. Take control of a wide range of off-road vehicles, from compact 4×4 SUVs to massive monster trucks, of different classes and types, each with unique off-road driving features, such as a winch, and capable of being upgraded for improved functionality. Just make every effort to gain an advantage when driving!

  • Unleash your inner adventurer

Players can feel the thrill of off-road driving through rocky terrain, dangerous pathways, and breathtaking landscapes in Off Road 4×4 Driving Simulator Mod Apk. There is an extensive selection of potent 4×4 vehicles in the game, each with special features and abilities. Customizing their rides allows players to take them on exhilarating adventures through a variety of terrains, where they will face obstacles and challenges. “Monster Truck Off-Road Rally” and “Offroad Outlaws” are two games that are comparable and provide an equally thrilling experience for those who appreciate this kind of gaming.

  • Realistic simulation of a truck driver

With a variety of tasks to accomplish, Fashion Jeep Parking is an engaging rock crawler vehicle game akin to a freight transfer simulator. You must possess a towing endorsement in order to drive an FJ 44 cruiser in the backcountry. It is finally possible for you to play the game that is the most accurate truck-driving simulation ever created. There are no off-road games that can compare to the realistic 3D truck simulator experience of off-road freight and rock tracks that you get in a Ford or Jeep.

  • Deep customization system

By adding diesel upgrades, customizing it, and adding your Jeep, Ford, Pickup, Land Rover, Prado, Surf, Hummer, FJ Cruiser, or Van to it, you can make it truly one-of-a-kind in your style, which adds a unique excitement to 4Wheel: Offroad Driving.

  • Vast open world

Players can explore a vast open-world environment with a variety of terrains and challenges in this game which offers a variety of landscapes to conquer, from sandy deserts to rocky mountains and dense forests. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you negotiate steep slopes, cross rivers, and travel through narrow trails. The smooth transition between various terrains adds to the game’s realism and distinguishes it from other off-road driving games that give little opportunity for exploration.

  • More challenges await

While experiencing off-road enjoyment, you will face tons of speed tasks that bring more enjoyable moments for you. Experience a variety of extreme off-road challenges, such as crawling over rocks, climbing hills, and crossing rivers and snowy forests. and finish a variety of extra tasks and missions to earn more rewards. Make your own path to become the victor!

  • Everything you want is here

You will gain extensive knowledge about the engineering, construction, and operation of off-road vehicles while playing 4wheel: Offroad Driving. By taking part in the Jeep Car Overdrive Recreation program, you will have the chance to drive a Jeep and discover parts of the world you had never heard of before. Ford Recreational Jeep with a Variety of Luxury Jeep Kits.


Get ready for extreme challenges and a ton of surprises – start your engine and enjoy offroad now!

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  • Latest Version: 4Wheel: Offroad Driving v20
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  • Android Version: Android 5.0
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