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60 Parsecs! v1.3.1 MOD APK(Scavenge Adventure)

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60 Parsecs! offers you an Atomic Space Age adventure of scavenge, and it is an innovative survival game with refreshed 2D graphics and a well-made cartoon style, where epic adventure, vibrant gameplay, and nice friends await you. 60 Parsecs! has accomplished many victories on the PC platform, presently infringing on portable guarantees to bring a modern level of feelings to fans of the daydream world survival class with a fun cartoon fashion.
You may be confused by the name of the game. Parsec may be a unit utilized to degree galactic separations, each parsec is identical to 3.26 light a long time. 60 Parsec is an incredible number to conversation approximately how distant the characters in this amusement are from Soil, where they are looking to return.


About 60 Parsecs! Your space station is going to blow up soon and you only have one minute before things get chaotic. What or who will you take before rushing to the emergency shuttle and starting your journey into the unknown?
This is a funny sci-fi adventure game called 60 Parsecs. It takes place in a period called the Atomic Space Age, which was filled with fear of nuclear war. The game has a retro style with lots of shiny decorations on the walls and even includes cockroaches wearing helmets in space.
Take charge of a group of astronauts who are not ready for their mission. Gather whatever materials you can find and set off on a trip through space that can be described as poorly planned. Do your best in dealing with the lack of soup and other scary things in outer space. Do you think you can find a new home and stay alive?


Along this overwhelming story, 60 parsecs! isolates into two fundamental stages: before and after boarding. Utilize your constrained supplies and minds to create troublesome choices and guarantee your and your crew’s survival, indeed in spite of the fact that the chances are unquestionably stacked against you.

🛸 Get Ready to Enter the Survival Journey

Within the brief time given by the diversion some time recently the space station detonates, you must choose your partners and rapidly control the touch screen to move to places to urge the fundamental items to carry. Controls in this arrangement are moderately basic. But Looking through ranges and trying to find useful items while at the same time considering almost what matters. Think in the event that you had a number of seconds, you’d run to discover what to bring to outlive.

🛰 Fight for Survival on the Spaceship

Getting to the fallout shelter on time and staying alive is just the first step. Whatever you find and whoever you rescue will be very important for your survival. Every survival story is unique and each day brings unexpected events that surprise you. Can we make sure that all of these stories have happy endings? It depends on you. Save and use your food and water wisely, make smart decisions, and go into empty and dangerous areas.
With only 60 seconds left before something terrible happens, quickly run around the house to find your crews and things that can help you. Everything will work against you: time, your furniture, a house that changes every time you play, and the main question: What should you bring with you and who should you leave behind?

Will all of these stories end well? It’s all up to you. I bet you’ll have a lot of fun achieving the goals in 60 Parsecs.
Bon voyage!

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  • Latest Version: 60 Parsecs! v1.3.1
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: Robot Gentleman
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  • Requires Android: 5.1+
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Last updated on Aug 31, 2023

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements



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