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60 Seconds! Reatomized is a brand-new type of scavenger survival game that has many situations that make you torture and ponder when you try to solve them. The game doesn’t have many instructions or hints to tell you what to do. But the players need to think about the reason behind and the outcomes of their actions. For instance, you choose to give some of your drink to a person who is very thirsty. So, everyone in the family won’t have enough water. They’ll need someone to go above ground and search for water. They might have to leave the body somewhere for certain reasons.


As Ted, a dependable citizen, and a family man, you’re confronted with a slightly unsettling influence on your cheerful, rural way of life. With only 60 seconds left before a big crash, quickly run through the house to find your family members and items you might need. With time limited, your shattered furniture, a mercurial house that changes every time you play, you have to get to the fallout shelter on time and stay alive. The things you find and the people you help will be very important for you to stay alive. Anything you rummaged and whoever you spared will play an imperative part in your survival. Each survival story will be distinctive, with each day astounding you with startling occasions. Will all of these stories conclude well? It’s up to you. Proportion nourishment and water, make the best utilize of your supplies, confront troublesome choices and indeed wander into the no man’s land.


Immerse yourself in the world of 60 Seconds! Reatomized, with rich lore-filled history and intense but funny storylines as you traverse every corner of your room! Based on hundreds of locations to roam and secrets to discover 60 Seconds! Reatomized offers a wealth of gameplay for you to uncover. The difficulty of this free-to-play game increases dramatically as time passes by, making 60 Seconds! Reatomized ideal for players who are more than willing to challenge themselves.

The Diary

Every day, a handwritten diary records events, calculations for food and drink, and the things we need. So, by doing this, you will be able to find out how much food is left, decide what to do next, and divide the tasks, work, and amount of food and drinks among your family members.

The Basement

When you start going to the basement, you can tell the characters where to go for the first minute. But ever since going into the basement, the only things left behind are the words in the diary, the calculations, keeping track of items, the events that happen during the day, and your choices with each member when there is an incident. all of it stays on the page. Although using this form helps the player focus a lot, it also makes them feel held back.

The Leader

Eventually, we will run out of extra furniture, and as the leader of the family, you will have to send someone to the outside world to find food. What you choose and who you rescue will be very important for you and your family to stay alive.

The Decision

In this game, every decision you make will change the story of survival in a different way. Every day, something unexpected happens with one or more family members. You can never predict where the story will end, while it all relies on you. Every action requires careful attention.


The Survival challenges of this game are special and short stories that will test your ability to survive. New opportunities are chances to try new things or do something different from what you have done before. Can you escape the house in style?

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  • Latest Version: 60 Seconds! Reatomized v1.2.476
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: Robot Gentleman
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 5.1+
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