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7 Days to End with You is a puzzle-packed adventure game combined with a visual novel and pixel aesthetic to offer you a brand-new experience. Learning about the history and the language of the background is an important part of the 7-day adventure. If you want to read it, the short story only takes less than five minutes to finish. Try your best to read and understand this short story in your own way, and think of it like a puzzle while keeping trying to put the pieces back together.

Tips For You

You will play a seemingly nameless protagonist in this story puzzler. Awakening in an unknown house with no memory of who you are and what you’ve done, and who is the strange woman with pink hair sitting there? She begins talking to you and unluckily you can’t understand a single word that she speaks. Now guessing and deciphering the words she uses is essential to the game.

  • Then, try to figure them out like solving a puzzle, one piece at a time.
  • You can freely interpret the words however you want.
  • Even if you don’t get the story at first, you can keep trying to understand it by hearing it again and again.

A 7-Day Adventure

▣ A mysterious character

In this game, you will spend 7 days with a mysterious girl with pink hair. You have a list of words in a strange language and you can guess what each word means by writing it down. The character helps you understand the language by giving you clues and guidance. For instance, when you point to something close by, she will act accordingly.

▣ Play the game as a meditation

You can watch this story from far away because you are not part of it. You can learn more about someone’s life by translating their words into another language. You can understand the words however you want without any limits. By looking at the words they both use, you can understand what their relationship is based on. You can figure out the story of these two people by paying attention to how the words make you feel. It might be short and normal if you are familiar with their history, or it could be long and unusual if you are not. The other option is that both are right, which makes sense.

▣ Find your view and answer

Your perspective is important to fully understand the story’s meaning and significance. Everything you listen to and everything you go through will be true. You don’t need to worry until you see these things happening at the same time. Words can have meanings. To understand and speak a language, you have to spend time talking with people or using things in that language. You can also try talking to the person to understand what they are trying to say.

▣ Multiple endings

The story itself is not long and may be observed in just 5 minutes, however, you need to repeat it over and over until you fully understand it. The ending of the story is closely related to your interpretation of it. That’s to say depending on what you decide in the story, the ending will be different for you. It’s okay if you find the story hard to keep up with at first. There will be lots of chances to go over it again and understand it better.

Download 7 Days to End with You now to find the hidden words and law of a probable ending and enjoy the inherent beauty or complexity of language.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 7 Days to End with You v1.1.06
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: Lizardry
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  • Android Version: Android 9.0
  • MOD: Full Game Unlocked
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