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Based on the well-known board game 7 Wonders, 7 Wonders DUEL is a strategic card game with careful resource management, military conquests, scientific discoveries, and cultural accomplishments. Two players attempt to construct the greatest civilization in this innovative and captivating gaming experience created by Repos Production. 7 Wonders DUEL is the ideal recreation for both novice and expert players due to its amazing graphics, simple gameplay, and fierce competition, which offers countless opportunities for strategy and victory, regardless of your preference for subduing your opponent through economic might, military might, or scientific prowess. Prepare to step inside the realm of ancient civilizations as you forge your way to victory in 7 Wonders DUEL!

Game Flow

  • A group of players and a friend join in for an intense showdown in a game of 7 Wonders DUEL.
  • To select and collect the highlighted wonder cards, both individuals must seize the opportunities available to them.
  • You engage in all challenges in order to earn the privilege of drawing cards from the opposing team.
  • To quickly cultivate curiosity, it is crucial to meticulously calculate the probability of selecting each wonder card.
  • Utilize the clues within the game to acquire the elusive card for your collection of wonders.

Interesting & Fierce Gameplay

It’s a strategy game where you and a friend take turns on a chessboard, which is all about making smart decisions and using your skills to win. If you win, your name will be on the leaderboard! Get ready to feel the excitement and compete with all your energy. In each match, it’s just you and one other person playing against each other. You’ll need to show off your skills to beat your opponent, who will be someone randomly chosen to play in the tournament.


✧ A match on the chessboard

It is a game between two players who take turns making moves, which embodies the power and determination of a united team. We expect you to bring great enthusiasm as you represent our team in the competition. The opponent in 7 Wonders DUEL will be selected at random from those participating in the tournament.

✧ Three rounds

Each match will consist of three rounds, starting from round 1 and concluding with round 3 as originally scheduled. Each round represents a time frame, and our goal is to construct it as swiftly as we can. It’s intriguing that each phase will include designated buildings, and the person with the greatest construction advantage will emerge victorious. Every quiz and challenge will be offered to assist in earning the opportunity to select a card at random.

✧ Select a ticket

In 7 Wonders DUEL, each player gets a ticket to tell you if you are the first or the last player. To prevent any unwanted tricks, all miracle cards will be thoroughly shuffled. As the first player, you have the privilege of selecting a card and flipping it over to reveal which piece of the puzzle corresponds with the building. The more winning pieces you collect, the better your chances of winning become.

✧ Pay attention to the intrigue

Furthermore, there is an element of fascination as we choose an amazing selection that turns heads. The person who has the advantage can choose any position and confront the other player face to face. You also have the option to select a wonder card to even out the score with the other player. Once both players have turned their heads, the round is still in play; now they must skillfully calculate the probability of winning.

✧ Win your glory

Payers must utilize the strategic recommendations in 7 Wonders DUEL in order to earn the privilege of drawing their opponent’s cards. Subsequently, the game will commence, and the individual with the best odds of winning will advance to the next round. The game of 7 Wonders DUEL consistently generates thrilling and enticing elements to assist players in conquering obstacles. With every wonder you encounter, you’ll uncover more mysteries, and the game will be there every step of the way as you select your cards.

Download to battle your path through tons of challengers with your cards and discover your own strategy now!

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  • Developer: Repos Production
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  • Android Version: Android 7.0
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