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7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros v1.4.9 MOD APK(Menu: Damage/God Mode)

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7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros, an action-packed idle RPG takes you to the intense battlefield of unmatched animated heroes and legions of the walking dead. Collect the most powerful class sets and rely on your outstanding tactics to smash or dismember zombies who stand in your way. Just marvel as your bullets tear off a horde of rotten limbs, and tremble when the undead keeps coming for you! The immersive role-playing experience with automatic combat elements in 7Billion Zombies will allow you to conquer tons of zombies, and bring back the original peace for humankind.


In a world filled with chaos, nearly everyone has been transformed into zombies by a terrifying virus. Their frightening looks, combined with their attack prowess, spread fear to anyone they encounter. The zombies coming together as a crowd are created to resemble humans from the world, giving each one a unique appearance and set of traits.

Your team will encounter groups of zombies at every level, ready to engage in a fight. As the levels progress, the zombies’ strength gradually increases. It is probably impossible to defeat all seven billion zombies. Hence, it is imperative for you to uncover the mystery of how zombies grow and thrive in order to safeguard humanity.

Key Features

  • Everything goes in humankind’s last stand

Naturally, the main objective is to protect the world from being overrun by a virus that transforms people into zombies. If we were to eradicate seven billion zombies from the world, would there still be humans on this earth? In order to ensure the survival of humankind, it is crucial to locate the source of the virus and stop its spread. Discover the secret and locate the cure for this virus. Dealing with this disaster in that way is the most effective approach.

  • A heroic squad is better than one

In order to defeat zombies, players need to come together and form a powerful team because they cannot defeat the zombies alone. There are many heroic characters in this squad. In 7 Billion Zombies, there are a multitude of characters to select from, each with their own unique set of skills and strengths. Make sure to carefully read the character description to select individuals who possess the qualities you are looking for. Please be aware of the limit on the number of team members at each level. You can only recruit more people when you advance to a higher level.

  • Endless upgrades for you

Gather the items left behind by defeating Zombies in order to power up your squad. At advanced levels, their combat skills are stronger. Develop strategies for your team’s characters by creating attack positions, and formations, and selecting the appropriate weapons. There is no need to personally control the fighting character as they will engage in automatic combat.

  • Mark your name on the leaderboard

Zombies can be found all over the world, so there are plenty of places for you to discover. The map design of 7 Billion Zombies allows players to explore new continents and lands in a world overrun by the undead. Interact with other characters and squads to build relationships and battle as a team. The region and the world have a ranking of the most powerful squads. This is how you can find your squad. Enhance your strategies and level up to conquer additional battles against zombie hordes. Your squad’s name will only appear in high positions in the world rankings at that time.

Waves of zombies are coming but you’re prepared to rip them all to shreds. Download 7Billion Zombies to have a tense and atmospheric zombie adventure now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 7Billion Zombies – AFK Heros v1.4.9
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Developer: SUPER CANDY
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android
  • MOD: Menu: Damage/God Mode
  • Size: 574.9MB



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