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7Days is a storytelling video game with different storyline options that have more details and complexities than you anticipated. In this game, every character has a goal and they need help from other people to achieve it, so trust plays a big role in their conversations.

The complete preparation of playing 7Days may be travel of texting, checking on, considering, mulling over pictures, and considering to total the errand of making a difference in your character restoration. Presently, are you prepared to enter the world of the dead?


In 7Days, you’ll play as Kirell, the ghost of someone who has died. Nobody actually knows what happens in the afterlife. But it appears that in the border between life and death, Death always grants souls another opportunity, a chance to come back to life as a human.

Only certain people who are courageous, intelligent, or unemotional are able to take advantage of this opportunity. Death will bring together souls, and only one person from each group was brought back to life. Those who pass the test from the God of Death will come back to life, while the others sleep forever.

To be the only person to return, you might think of it as a fight where only one person survives, even though there are no guns involved. The people in the group have two choices. They can either work together to solve the task or the most skilled person will be the one to survive. Or they can decide to fight each other, with the one who is most desperate to survive being the only one given a chance to live.


7Days has a casual gameplay but in instant messaging format. With parcels of choices, special aesthetics, branching ways, and in general a slick account. The devs were attempting to make something compelling and it worked for me. There are some tips for new beginners.

1️⃣Make Good Use Of Your Experience

You’ll be able to wrap up one portion of the game in 45 minutes, but that doesn’t cruel you’ll be able involvement everything in your to begin with attempt. The extraordinary portion almost the story is that you just can make friends with the individuals who attempted to hurt you by utilizing what you learned from past encounters. Additionally, you’ll be able to learn more about them because each character has privileged insights they won’t tell anybody. By the way, there’s a tree of stories you’ll take after to see how much you have completed, so utilize it as a way to check your advance.

2️⃣Mind the Likeability

In the game plot, the conditions that sway the player to choose another important factor – the character’s likeability. If you intend to main pass a certain line, then this means that you have to put down the other line, the likeability accumulation and the upper limit is to trigger the additional branch line of a condition, and the first five days basically determine who your companion is. So you’d better not flounder and go with the flow of choices, and the increase in favorability of one character in the mid-to-late game will inevitably affect the decline of another as well.

3️⃣Make Decisions Wisely

Your choice will have an impact on the whole story and the relationships between all characters. Every decision you make will influence the course of your life, and every small decision you make will impact your relationships with your friends and alter your destiny, as well as that of your friends at critical moments. You could be the bad guy or a reliable friend. The end of the story relies on the decisions you make.

Enough with the walkthrough, just try to be who you are while playing this visual novel game.

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  • Latest Version: 7Days v2.5.7
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: Buff Studio (Story Games, Calm Games)
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  • Requires Android: 4.4+
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