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Welcome to the world of 80 Days, a spectacular and unforgettable adventure RPG where epic adventure, unpredictable stories, and good friends await you. With hours of versatile gameplay around the world, this immersive role-playing experience allows you to travel and conquer the whole world by different means of transportation like airship, submarine, steam-train, even mechanical camel, socialize with numerous nice friends, and much more.

Game Flow

If you love to travel, then 80 Days is the perfect choice for you. This is a new game where you can pick a character and pretend to be one. You and your friends will make a plan to overcome challenges and take over the world together. Traveling around the world in 80 days is an amazing achievement that you can use as a goal.

🛩 Make a perfect plan

Before starting a grand journey to take over the world, you should have a good plan in place to be able to start the takeover. Having a good plan will make you feel less worried. Also, players must gather important items to use at all times. Having the ability to fight can be a tool, and it can be used whenever needed, especially in uncertain times.

🛰 Choose more companions

After getting everything ready and making a good plan, you also need to pick some friends to join you. Picking friends is about finding people who are similar to you, and then it’s simple to help each other. This trip will have a lot of difficult parts, but you need to deal with them as soon as the plan is ready.


🚀 Need site-specific strategies

Once you have selected your adventure companions, it’s time to plan some thrilling tactics. Participants will utilize the various weapons and contemporary vehicles available to navigate this exciting adventure. In order to traverse the ocean, a sizable ship is necessary to expedite this enigmatic voyage. You will be journeying through the expansive desert, riding camels to traverse the immense dunes.

🪂 Ready for various battle

In 80 Days, expect to encounter numerous fights as you will be constantly under attack. As you arrive at a new horizon, get ready to be amazed by the obstacles that await you. If you come across pirates, choose bigger ships to steer clear of them. If the desert tribes target you for elimination, utilize your one-of-a-kind weapon to intimidate and ward them off. Utilize the helicopter to traverse the rugged mountains and cover the distance to overcome.

🛸 The desire to discover never stops

80 Days offers a unique thrill of travel that few other videogames can match, taking players on a thousand different adventures. Around The World In 80 Days has been adapted into a story game that is brimming with thrilling, exotic destinations to explore. Players will have the opportunity to pull off daring escapades, incite revolutions, and perform acts of bravery at various locations throughout the game.

🌌Scavenge value items

As players journey along the adventurous path, they must also gather valuable resources through surveying and experimentation. To collect, players must overcome every challenge. In addition, players will have to conquer the formidable obstacles presented in 80 Days. These items have the potential to be distinctive weapons for use in warfare, or they can be valuable tools for overcoming challenges.


Key Features

  • Plan and strategize – can you identify the quickest route?
  • Choose your adventure with a dynamic and customizable story with countless possibilities.
  • The game is highly replayable, as every journey offers a unique experience.
  • Come and discover a vast 3D world with 170 unique cities waiting to be explored.
  • A steampunk world with a richly imagined and diverse alternative history.
  • Compete against actual individuals in live races: every moment is crucial.
  • Join in on the live multiplayer feed and see the real-time journeys of other players as they unfold, and let your friends share in your journey.

Get ready to enter 80 Days which consists of endless joy and melancholy of travel packed with unusual wit and humanity!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: 80 Days v1.6a3
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Developer: inkle Ltd
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.1
  • MOD: Full Game
  • Size: 133.0 MB



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