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911 Emergency Dispatcher is an immersive RPG where you can experience the challenging world of emergency line and service management. When an emergency call comes in, it’s important to answer promptly and respond appropriately. It could involve providing first aid guidance, offering advice, sending the right number of emergency personnel, or in some cases, choosing not to respond at all.


Just like the simulator 112 Operator, this time you will play as the operator of the 911 hotline. Experience the intense role-playing simulation of a 911 Emergency Dispatcher, where your ability to stay calm and make quick, critical decisions is put to the test. Phone calls will be received from the other end of the line, and every situation varies, but they all share one commonality: they are all extremely urgent. You must address the situations you come across as soon as possible. If not, the worst scenarios will occur.

Can You Handle All of This?

  • Your main task

Your responsibility is not only to answer phone calls but also to respond appropriately to the situation. This may involve giving first aid instructions, or it may require contacting the police, fire department, or paramedics for assistance. It’s important to remember that the person you’re talking to on the other end of the line could be a father desperately seeking help for his dying daughter, a dangerous terrorist, or simply someone playing a prank.

  • Weird situations can happen

There are many strange scenarios that can occur. There could be a little girl in danger, a scared terrorist, or maybe just pranksters on the other end of the line. In order to succeed in this challenging role, one must possess sensitivity and the ability to approach and resolve difficult situations with speed and intelligence.



🚨 Manage teams

A variety of police, fire department, and paramedic units are at your service. Different vehicles, such as ambulances and police helicopters, are used by the forces. They also utilize essential equipment like bulletproof vests, first aid kits, and technical tools. Additionally, the team consists of members with a range of abilities.

🚨 Choose your way

The majority of 911 Emergency Dispatchers receive text calls that appear on their computer screens. Engage in conversation with individuals on the other side of the conversation and assist in resolving their issues. When you receive a response to your message, you will be presented with multiple options to choose from. Simply select the answer you prefer by tapping on it. Always keep in mind that how you handle the situation will have a major impact on your opponent’s safety.


🚨 Witnessing amazing causes

The 911 Emergency Dispatcher provides opportunities to work in over 900 cities around the world. You have the option to choose any city to work in. Each city you choose will have its own unique roads, locations, and infrastructures. Additionally, the Career mode offers access to 6 cities featuring amazing events. Under this regime, cities will experience disasters such as the earthquake in San Francisco and the bombings in Washington, DC.

🚨 Lives are in your hands!

You are the chosen one who will resolve all the challenges and protect the lives of those in peril. Having patience is essential when it comes to selecting the correct answers. With the ultimate controller, you can feel the power of being stationary yet still able to assist and even save lives or provide guidance to others in need.

Prepare yourself and your units for any new challenges, and remember to keep calm when dealing with critical moments.

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