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911:Prey is a horror game where you play Hide & Seek and solve puzzles. In this scary game, you will once more experience being a teenager who has been kidnapped by a crazy cannibal to his scary house. Go hide and seek to find items that can help you escape from the scary place and stay alive all the time. And remember to be alert – you have to be careful to cover what you have done so that the crazy person can’t find anything suspicious.

Can you hide and trick the cannibal to survive till the end? Or will he catch you soon and eat you for dinner? In this scary situation, your survival depends on how clever you are. Pay much attention, and watch your back.


You wake up feeling woozy and realize you are in a dirty and unpleasant house owned by a bad person. I haven’t seen him arrive yet, but it’s clear that the most important thing you need to do right now is to find a way to escape from this terrible place.

Player 911: Prey is a game where a young person is the main character. The poor boy accidentally got caught by someone who kidnaps people and eats them, and the police have been looking for this kidnapper for many months. He hides in schools and looks for children who don’t know much. Many people have been told about past killings and mysterious vanishings. But ultimately, you also become the next victim, known as a Maniac.


🔚 Multiple Endings: All Depends on Your Choices

Go into the scary house and search for notes to find out more about Minnesota’s scariest man. In this part of the game, there are a lot of different endings, but only one of them will be a happy ending. Try to deal with the fear that the main character is feeling and finish all the secret tasks in order to stay alive.

🎁 Interesting Puzzles: Not as Easy as You Think

Most of the puzzles in 911: Prey are finding keys and covered-up objects, putting together an organ, looking for a misplaced route note somewhere… Utilize the same ordinary objects within the house, or scattered around to puzzle players. You may have to be centered on perception, think consistently, and combine the information a bit to be able to unravel it.

⚠ Eternal Challenge: Untold Dangers

In terms of difficulty, most players can solve the puzzles in normal situations. But you may find yourself in a very urgent and frightening situation where a crazy person is looking for you in a small area. A big amount of stress builds up suddenly, making it hard for you to relax and think clearly. The difficulty of the game increases dramatically as the levels increase, making it ideal for those who are more than willing to challenge themselves. How deep you delve into this game is ultimately up to you.

💀 Horror Elements: Quality Sound and Detailed Scenes

That debased lowlife isn’t willing to lose the delicious prey which is you. With his extraordinary intellect, he will look for and chase after you around the house. You have got to illuminate astounds to find the key to the exit entryway, while you have got to maintain a strategic distance from making clamors and sounds that make him mindful. I bet you have an immersive experience and get scared many times, causing the puzzle to take more time, be harder, and less concentrated.

When you’re staring down the crazy cannibal closing by, you’ll wish you’d stayed behind the sofa! Are you ready to get into this horror house? No returns are allowed.

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  • Latest Version: 911: Prey v1.3
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  • Developer: Euphoria Horror Games
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  • Requires Android: 6.0+
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