A Certain Scientific Railgun: Spectrum Story

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A Scientific Railgun: Spectrum Story is an interactive simulator created in an anime style. Here, players have the opportunity to chat with the beautiful girl Mikoto Misaka through video chat. Every day, users can stay in touch with key people, talk about a topic, and follow the news. Depending on the models and activities you choose, the story will progress in a specific way, allowing you to enjoy platform development and relationship development.

The Story

In the world’s largest Academy City, millions of students learn great skills and powers. The Judiciary, a group of highly trained students and adults, helps fight threats to the city and its citizens by helping to catch the criminals in power. Mikoto, Kazari, and Kuroko are three friends who go back and forth between school and defense to learn how to use their abilities better. Together they help keep Academy City safe from the bad guys and have fun along the way.


In Railgun Story, players can chat with heroes through a smartphone, and choose from a variety of chats to upgrade and upgrade. Your content will be created in a beautiful 3D environment, giving players the most realistic feeling. Each phone has an opening screen that makes the conversation more pleasant and lively.

  • Write all the details

All stories with this heroine are written in high quality. Each line is perfectly recorded, providing players with a great listening experience. The game’s sound system is focused on developing it to enhance the players’ experience. Some sci-fi features an impressive, very loud opening sequence that makes players want to turn up the volume.

  • Capture your players’ memorable moments

Players can draw interesting snapshots of private conversations. Those exciting and memorable moments are captured in this game. Record your stories with your heroes and other players to create lasting memories. If you collect many beautiful photos and add them to the album, the album will be rich and full of memories.

  • Unlock exciting stories

The game offers many interesting features to increase the appeal of the players. Players can change various options to update the story, and these stories will also change over time. You will get more alarm calls from your heroes and enjoy fun moments. Increase your level of interaction with chats, messages, photo reminders, and more.

  • Customize Mikoto with different outfits

The game has a collection of beautiful clothes to suit your character’s needs. Each garment is created with great care and attention, and the various prints add to the richness of the collection. Players should choose clothing that suits their personality and personality. In addition, players can purchase additional clothing and new designs.


  • Take your story to a new level

In A Certain Scientific Railgun, players can also improve their information to live better and better. Players can enhance the feel of the story by adding some interesting details to the game scene. New game themes allow players to unlock more new themes to take the story in the direction they want. To increase their relationship with Mikoto, to improve this relationship, players must choose the lines that are suitable for them.

  • Create a fun entertaining space

Players will love the simple yet very intuitive and attractive interface when playing this game. Players will love the beautiful surfaces and faces that enhance the fun of the game. In addition, the game’s sound system also aims to provide players with an increasingly better experience. The game opens up a unique and exciting entertainment scene that players will find hard to resist.

Immerse yourself in Railgun Story which flawlessly reinterprets the iconic classes of A Certain Scientific Railgun. Download to unlock an unfolding story now…

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  • Latest Version:  A Certain Scientific Railgun: Spectrum Story v1.0.3
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  • Android Version: Android 6.0
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