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A Diary Of Darkness v2.2.66 MOD APK((Hide & Seek))

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With an intriguing story and funny gameplay, A Diary Of Darkness is a game that has calming puzzles and is worth playing. The scene shown in A Diary Of Darkness is simpler and more plain but very accurate. You can grab something tightly and move it around really fast to solve puzzles and find hidden things while enjoying its great interoperability.


In this puzzle game made by Bamgru, you will be a mom looking for her lost son. As you explore every little spot in the big house, you start to notice that there is something weird happening here. They appear to be informing you about a message, a hint about a puzzling case of a missing son. If you keep playing this hide-and-seek puzzle game, you will discover more and more secrets as you go further. It appears that someone has been killed in a very sad way.

The son going missing turns out to be just the start of it all, one of the first connections in a mysterious force that is happening more than you realize. To find the truth, you must carefully observe like a mother searching for her child, even if it’s painful.


Solve Perplexing Puzzles

You will face dozens of difficult and thinking puzzles that range from easier at the start, to more complex in the later level. This exciting and strange puzzle house will give you lots of fun to kill your time. Discover the unknown or puzzling aspects of everything in the game and complete your mission as a mom.

Explore The Mystery

To find your missing son, you will have to become a detective, even if you don’t want to. Look everywhere in the big house to find clues that your child has been taken, and figure out why each thing is important. When you try to find the truth, you need to use your mind to search for objects that are hidden or lost in the house. Complete all the missing parts, even the tiny ones, and you will notice some important information that slowly guides you to the solution.


A Diary Of Darkness has a pretty easy gameplay. Mainly focuses on the way of finding things that are hidden. You will touch and play with things, move them around to put them together, fill things up, or use objects to begin or finish something else. When that thing is finished, a new hint will show up. Keep solving puzzles and you’ll find out how they’re all connected, which eventually leads you to the truth.

The Hint System

Even if you have never experienced this type of puzzle game before, A Diary Of Darkness always has a help option on the screen. If you get stuck, all you have to do is click on the hint icon, and it will give you a small clue that will lead you to find the solution.

The Hidden Objects

There are tons of items hidden in the game that you might not see at first. Explore every corner of the large house, take your time to carefully look at everything, try to touch and handle objects, and connect different pieces of information together. Take advantage of the available time to do as much as you can.  It’s important for you to be patient. Because finding the truth may take a quite long time.

Download now and  let A Diary Of Darkness be your perfect accompaniment for your next cozy weekend at home.

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  • Latest Version: A Diary Of Darkness v2.2.66
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Bamgru
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 7.1+
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