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A Normal Lost Phone is an adventure game of figuring out the intimacy of strangers whose phone was lost and accidentally found by the player. The goal of the Real Lost Phone game is for players to determine the identity of the person who recovered the phone and use it to solve the mystery surrounding the previous owner of the phone.


What You Can Do

The game is a form of information exploration. To find out about the previous owner, you need to search the phone’s text messages, photos, and apps. Through these phone calls, Sam’s life is revealed, his friends, his family, and his relationships, which mysteriously disappear until the night he turns 18.

☆ An investigation adventure

Just like a real investigation, you can look through the phone’s history, including contacts, photos, and apps, to learn more about the phone’s previous owner which is done to provide more information about the phone’s previous owner.

☆ An eye-opening experience

Playing A Normal Lost Phone is like walking through an ethical minefield. It’s not nice to mess with someone like that, but you have no choice but to find out the truth. Dealing with these strangers; Life reminded me of the personal information buried in my phone. I began to think about the ethical dilemma of whether it is okay to pry into someone’s thoughts and secrets.

Having full access to someone’s phone calls is like having an invisible view of that person’s life. It’s an amazing experience that can’t be found very often in real life. In a smartphone-dependent age, many of us are stuck on our devices. Perhaps the lesson here is to remember the importance of privacy.

☆ Go through Sam’s story

This phone will let you into Sam’s life until the night before his 18th birthday. This includes Sam’s friends, family, and romantic relationships. Writing a story in the form of a fake user interface for a mobile phone can be a lot of fun, so you might consider doing it.


☆ Feel the characters’ struggles

Character’s struggles and the difficulties you encounter are very real, and knowing that their problems are affecting people I know in real life, makes the experience even more profound. Although I couldn’t directly avoid the story, I was relieved to know that I was finally alive. Getting rid of my phone at the end seemed like a cheap way to get back at them after invading their lives.

☆ Relish hours of brain-twisting moments

Players will have a lot of fun investigating the case because they will find a variety of interesting and thought-provoking images as they investigate. This game helps kids improve their data analysis skills while having fun. Competitors must use their brains and prepare themselves before the start of the competition. It’s always possible to make a mistake, so be aware. A story in which the reader’s emotional involvement in a character’s situation leads to a meaningful conclusion is an example of a great story.

Key Features

  • Simple gameplay – Using a virtual smartphone interface, the story is presented in a simple and engaging way.
  • Thoughtfully designed – A Normal Lost Phone is carefully crafted to tell a powerful, character-driven story that follows voyeurism, curiosity, responsibility, and the love of unlocking by solving puzzles.
  • Engaging narrative – Inspirational stories that evoke empathy for characters that allow for discussion on challenging topics.
  • Profound meditation – It is a game that allows players to cross the gap between reality and fantasy by taking on real-world tasks. Is the game a simple question? If you close the app but still think, is it game over?

Download and embark on an unexpected journey just right inside someone’s normal phone now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: A Normal Lost Phone v2
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: PID Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Unlimited Resources
  • Size: 51.8MB



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