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Welcome to the story of company! – This messenger-based visual novel game you can live an amazing but normal life. It is a video game where you can choose your own story as you experience the politics, drama, and conflicts of a typical business office. Unlock hidden information and participate in various events that occur throughout the many chapters of the story and every decision will lead to a new story.


✨ Everyday Life of a Company

A Story of A Company! is a daily life book that tells the story of a company. With unique and diverse content, it is easy to play and accessible to anyone. It’s like a message in a bottle. The detail, depth, and human interactions make the viewer feel like a real day at the office. This story will reveal your deepest thoughts by revealing new ways to experience the story.

✨ Unique & charming characters

Each character has a unique character and character due to detailed development. This way you can have a set of personal records that contain the best information about your name, home, personality, interests, etc. There are some information gaps to be filled. As the story unfolds, these secrets are revealed. Each element is an important part of connecting two different areas. Unlocking this allows you to explore this world more. Can you find all the interesting things in this world?

✨ Your every choice matters

The story’s ending is determined by the book, movie, and author. But the game’s daily challenges aren’t what the developers intended. Instead, players determine the difficulty they face each day. Each decision leads to a different outcome and the player gets deeper into the story. It seems like you are always participating in the drama, where everyone lives. Replaying the game through different interactions will result in a different ending. The game has a lot of characters and many environments which makes it very difficult to progress in the game.

✨ Stunning graphics

This graphic novel features multiple endings in multiple worlds. It is a unique hybrid of man and animal that surprises the audience. Each decision the player makes has a different character outcome. Many games provide endings, epilogues, achievements, and additional character data. Watercolor paintings contain amazing artwork. Every day, the most dramatic workplace news unfolds in front of you.

✨ Tons of fun

This visual novel is filled with stories about colorful people and animals. Download this popular title and explore the world of different options and endings. It might be hard but try to be nice to everyone you meet. Each level has multiple endings that can be created independently. Also, there are always more options available, which makes it even more difficult. The game allows you to complete all objectives and unlock everything. You can continue playing.


Key Features

  • If you read carefully, you can make a quick decision! It is an action-adventure story game that focuses on hybrid characters. Written in many ways, there are many ways to follow this graphic novel.
  • A beautiful and original hybrid of animal and human Every decision the player makes determines the outcome for their character.
  • There are a lot of endings, epilogues, achievements, and character data, which is a lot of fun to play through multiple times.
  • They are beautiful paintings made with watercolor techniques. Explore the drama that happens every day at work through conversations.

Download A Story of A Company!, dive into the enjoyable story with the quirky but lovable characters, and uncover the secrets of the company now.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: A Story of A Company! v1.1.0
  • Category: Casual
  • Developer: Buff Studio
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Unlimited Money
  • Size: 64.0MB



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